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Robin Trower/Jack Bruce

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Year of Release: 1981

track listing
  • Gonna Shut You Down
  • Gone Too Far
  • Thin Ice
  • Last Train To The Stars
  • Take Good Care
    Of Yourself
  • Fall In Love
  • Fat Gut
  • Shadows Touching
  • Little Boy Lost

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    Jimmy Durante--As Time Goes By: The Best Of Jimmy Durante
    Robin Trower/Jack Bruce

    Robin Trower -- Jack Bruce -- Trower and Bruce == TRUCE

    Robin Trower returns this week, with a little help from former Cream member Jack Bruce. It was their second album together, from 1981, Truce. The duo recorded three studio albums together. Five was the actual total - Three studio albums, one compilation, and a live album. Truce was their second album released: A powerhouse Rock album, definitely sounding like a Robin Trower album, with having Jack Bruce as vocalist, rather than that of James Dewar. Nevertheless, both vocalists shined with Trower. Unfortunately for both, James Dewar passed away in 2002 of a stroke, after years of having a rare medical condition, that resulted in a series of strokes. Jack Bruce also passed away of liver disease in 2014. Dewar was 59, Bruce was 71.

    "Gonna Shut You Down" is a great groovin' opener, easily fitting Trower's style, even if James Dewar had taken on the vocals. "Gone Too Far" continues the Trower Rock style. However, on "Thin Ice," it sounds almost Poppish, or even Punkish. Maybe this one is the least of the set of songs.

    Aside from that, the album continues back to Trower's great style on "Last Train To The Stars." Slowing it down, and it good form, is the next track, "Take Good Care Of Yourself" Another great Trower-styled form is on "Fall In Love." "Fat Gut" is very upbeat, a little bit different than your standard Trower power tracks, yet this one is a good one, and definitely better than "Thin Ice."

    Slowing down the pace again is "Shadows Touching." Another good track, maybe not as well as "Take Good Care Of Yourself," but... it's another different kind of song for Trower, and Jack Bruce's voice is impressive. This is a track that could be considered as off-Jazz. It's just that different than all the other tracks. Closing out the album is "Little Boy Lost,", another great rocker, ala Trower ROck style.

    It's your typical Robin Trower Rock, with Cream vocalist Jack Bruce taking the honors -- Truce is a very good album, with some great Trower Rock tracks, and a few thrown in as different, yet making this album an enjoyable listen. It's a Rock album. It's a Blues album. And a clever album title name, forming the word Truce from Robin and Jack's last names: Trower and Bruce.

    Jack Bruce released many solo albums of his own, likewise his history recording with other artists is phenomenal. I have yet to hear his solo works, but very familiar with another album he recorded with the late Gary Moore and Ginger Baker as BBM, a fantastic Blues album, entitled Around The Next Dream. Like Robin Trower, I'm sure his solo albums are just as exceptional.

    Robin Trower is still active, and recording as well. He has been recording since the late 1960s (with the band Procol Harum), and a very extensive and popular solo career, starting in 1973. He has been recording ever since, with his most recent album released this year, entitled Something's About To Change. He is currently 70 years old now, and still rocking as ever. He was often identified as being the "next Jimi Hendrix." There is no doubt, Trower is an exceptional guitarist, and it is a great comparison to Hendrix. His style is different than that of Hendrix, yet still, he is considered a great guitarist to add to the list of outstanding ROck guitar players. Like Hendrix, and Clapton, And SRV, and the list goes on and on... Robin Trower is also part of that list, and that entire listing of guitarists are all the same -- They are all Rock & Roll Legends.

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    Jimmy Durante--As Time Goes By: The Best Of Jimmy Durante