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Terror Squad
"True Story"

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Year of Release: 2004

track listing
  • Nothing's Gonna Stop Me
  • Yeah Yeah Yeah
  • Hum Drum
  • Lean Back
  • Take Me Home
  • Streets Of NY
  • Bring 'Em Back
  • Yes Dem To Def
  • Pass Away
  • Let Them Things Go
  • Thunder In The Air
  • Terror Era

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    Terror Squad
    "True Story"

    "Lean Back... Lean Back..." -- In 2004, this song was a #1 hit for Terror Squad, led by a popular name in Rap, Fat Joe. He would have a name for himself in the Rap world, with albums of his own. Also, he, like other rappers, had a feud with another popular rapper, his feud with 50 Cent. This resulted in 2005. Fat Joe's sixth album, All or Nothing contained the track "My Fofo," as the song was aimed at 50 Cent. 50 Cent had disputed Fat Joe for recording with another fellow rapper, Ja Rule. 50 Cent responded to "My Fofo", with his "attack" on the track "Piggy Bank," from his 2005 release, The Massacre. Fat Joe called 50 Cent a "coward" on a hip-hop New York radio station (WQHT) phone interview. The feud continued on the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards, where Fat Joe remarked, "I feel safe with all the police protectionócourtesy of G-Unit." (G-Unit was a rap group, featuring 50 Cent as a member.) After MTV switched to a commerical break, 50 Cent responde back with an obscentiy towards Fat Joe, as he jumped on stage as Fat Joe was leaving.

    True Story was the group's second album. Although personnel changes and a death from the first album's member lineup occurred, Hip-Hop/Rap is defined here. Yes, for some, it is the same ol' typical "Rap Crap" as most would call it. But having saying that, the beats and stories told does define Rap music for only those who really can say, that they enjoy "Traditional, Common Everyday Rap Music."

    "Lean Back" not only did reach #1, but after listening to it over and over, the song does grow on you. Again, this song is only for those who are willing to listen with open ears.

    But for the rest of the album? Well, I (as well as many others) can honestly say, that this is is your typical, usual "Rap Crap." As reading other reviews, they have said this album was not well-liked, and obviously, it didn't win all the awards in the Hip Hop category.

    Yes, your "typical Rap Crap" songs are found on tracks such as "Nothing's Gonna Stop Me," "Yeah Yeah Yeah," "Hum Drum." "Take Me Home" does have a certain groove going, and is not as bad as the typical rap crap'ers heard so far. "Streets Of NY" got some very good reviews, and yes, it is more of an R&B/Soul song. Back to the typical rap crap -- Comparing to another rapper, Eminem gets "Bring 'Em Back" and "Yes Dem To Def." "Pass Away" has a good singing chorus, and there's the Eminem-ish "Let Them Things Go," "Thunder In The Air," and "Terror Era."

    True Story is as mentioned, your typical Rap Crap album. Nothing really to hype about. For the true Rap fans, I'm sure they all enjoy this album, as well as the true fans of Fat Joe. Rap is not for everyone, obviously. But the #1 track "Lean Back" is the best song here, and the runner-up would probably go to "Streets Of NY." For those who enjoy "Lean Back," and not into Rap as much, finding this song for those collectors would probably be best from one of those NOW compilations. But for most collectors, it's curiousity to hear the other tracks from the original album the #1 song came from. In this case, True Story is a miss. But for those who enjoy Rap, it's up to those to say that this album is either a thumbs up, or thumbs down. Or should I say, "Word" and the "ILY" (I Love You) hand gesture -- It's all love, baby, it's all love. Lovin' that Rap music.

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    Regie Hamm--American Dreams
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