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Ricky Van Shelton
"16 Biggest Hits"

© Columbia Records

Year of Release: 1999

track listing
  • Somebody Lied
  • Life Turned Her That Way
  • Don't We All
    Have The Right
  • I'll Leave This World
    Loving You
  • From A Jack To A King
  • Living Proof
  • I've Cried My
    Last Tear For You
  • I Am A Simple Man
  • Keep It Between The Lines
  • Statue Of A Fool
  • I Meant Every Word
    He Said
  • Backroads
  • (I Got)
    A Hole In My Pocket
  • Life's Little
    Ups And Downs
  • Crime Of Passion
  • Wild Man

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    Ricky Van Shelton
    "16 Biggest Hits"

    Ricky Van Shelton -- in alphabetizing his name, it was interesting to learn that his actual last name is "Shelton." Not "Van Shelton" as everyone had thought. And no, he is no relation to Blake Shelton. Ricky's middle name is Van. Ricky Van. Shelton.

    Ricky Van Shelton was one of the popular Country artists from the late 1980s and early 1990 decades. A total of 10 Number One songs for him, as 9 of them are found on his 16 Biggest Hits. The one missing is his duet with Dolly Parton.

    His (solo) #1s were: "Somebody Lied," "Life Turned Her That Way," "Don't We All Have The Right," "I'll Leave This World Loving You," "From A Jack To A King," "Living Proof," "I've Cried My Last Tear For You," "I Am A Simple Man," "Keep It Between The Lines." His duet with Dolly Parton was "Rockin' Years" (found on Dolly's album Eagle When She Flies).

    There are the really nice-sounding Country songs here, and quite honestly, these are the best tracks: "Somebody Lied," "Life Turned Her That Way," "Don't We All Have The Right," "I'll Leave This World Loving You," "Living Proof," "Keep It Between The Lines," "I Meant Every Word He Said," "Life's Little Ups And Downs." Also to mention, is the remake of Jack Greene's "Statue Of A Fool." Greene's version has go to be one of the many best Country songs ever recorded.

    Then there's the remaining songs, all considered upbeat, and traditionally County-sounding: Jack Greene's "From A Jack To A King," "I've Cried My Last Tear For You," "I Am A Simple Man" (which is a song that Brooks & Dunn could have easily covered), "Backroads," "(I Got) A Hole In My Pocket," "Crime Of Passion," and "Wild Man."

    Ricky Van Shelton accomplished 10 Number One Songs to his name, likewise three #1 Country albums to his credit: "Wild-Eyed Dream" [1988], Loving Proof [1988], RVS III [1990]. Also to mention, Dolly Parton's Eagle When She Flies also reached #1 for her, in 1991. He released a Christmas album [1989], and wrote children's books [1991]. 1992 saw another studio album, then a greatest hits release, and a gospel album. However, alcoholism was a battle and other personal problems, but he would overcome his problems, and become sober. 1993-1994 would see a final album with his label, Columbia.

    His career with Top 10 hits in 1993 seemed few, as he left his long-term record label, Columbia in 1994, after he released what would be his final studio album for Columbia. More greatest hits from Columbia followed, as he worked on other projects. 1997 saw a the creation of his own record label, RVS (named after his initials). A new studio album was released, and sold only at Wal-Mart stores. In 2000, he signed with the Audium label, and released another studio album. In 2006, he announced his retirement.

    "Loved On Me" is more of an upbeat soulful R&B track. R&B Romance has the next two tracks, "A Closer Walk" and "I Will Find A Way." Stevie Wonder's "Love's In Need" has been covered by many, in reading reviews on this album, and Hammond's version is easily impressive. The artist Musiq helps out on this one. More beautiful romantic R&B is heard once again, on "Your Love Is."

    Ricky Van Shelton's music is good, traditional Country. Just as it matched the Country style, and popular in the late 1980s/early 1990s. His music I'm sure is still accepted as "Classic Country," being played on various True Country stations and True Country playlists. Although I really didn't follow the Country scene in the late 1980s/1990s, his music is Classic, and appreciated to be included with the other Classic Country artists.

    I still consider Ricky Van Shelton alphabetized under the letter "V." Most likely because of his un-relation with another Country star who would surface in later decades, Blake Shelton. And, it always pointed out that other alphabetized lists labeled his name as "Van Shelton." Either way you look at it, Ricky Van Shelton is a true Country artist, to be enjoyed for many generations of Country music to come.

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