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Amanda Nagurney
"Gettin' Out Of This Town"

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Year of Release: 2008

track listing
  • Gettin' Out Of This Town
  • Never Break My Heart
  • Don't Ask Me To
    Love You
  • Just For A Moment
  • Goodbye Doesn't Mean
  • Rock That Country

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    Amanda Nagurney
    "Gettin' Out Of This Town"

    This week, we take another look at one of the many artists promoted from our WSVNRadio Hall of Fame: Country artist Amanda Nagurney, from Volume 22. Her 2008 6-track release Gettin' Out Of This Town achieved the title track on our Volume 22 compilation. This track, is definitely good Country. It has a Country sound, not "Pop/Country" as most of today's "Country" we hear today.

    "Never Break My Heart" is a great ballad; an almost Eagles-feel. It's a beautiful song. "Don't Ask Me To Love You" is another good, Country-sounding track, "Just For A Moment" is a ballad, and pretty good; there are better songs than this one, but not to say this track is bad. It's not. Just different than the songs already heard.
    The next track is also a ballad, and it's sweet: "Goodbye Doesn't Mean Forever" has a good comparison to the ballads of more well-known female artists. Faith Hill, Martina McBride, to name a few. The last track is "Rock That Country," and yes, it does ROCK with the Country-Rock that everyone will enjoy. Rock That Country, and rock our worlds, Country Girl... Amanda's 6-track album is complete.

    This is a great 6-track album from her. Yet, you want to hear more. Amanda Nagurney has talent, she can sing. All the tracks are in her Country favor. Although "JUst For A Moment" may be the least favorite, that song and the others will easily be enjoyed by Country fans, and Country DJs.

    Amanda Nagurney's music IS Country. More of her music can be found on her ReverbNation site. At the time of this writing, there are 15 tracks to listen to, and only one from the 6-track is also there - "Gettin' Out Of This Town." Her "About" section states that she sounds like: Miranda Lambert, Sara Evans, Ashton Shepherd, and Gretchen Wilson. Yes, a great comparison list, and yes, she has the voice. Her current album is titled Gone I assume the tracks from this new album are on her ReverbNation site. It's great Country to listen to. Amanda Nagurney IS Country; Amanda Nagurney has THE VOICE. Amanda Nagurney is WORTH CHECKING OUT.

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    Previous Review: #1523
    Bill Kelly--Bread On The Waters
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