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Jim Fusco
"Halfway There"

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Year of Release: 2009

track listing
  • Go Back To Him
  • Our Love Doesn't Translate
  • On For Miles
  • Write It All
  • Tuning In
  • A Night Away
  • I Got You
  • Exception
  • Have You Here
  • Halfway There
  • Ruins
  • Winning You Over

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    Jim Fusco
    "Halfway There"

    The WSVNRadio Hall of Fame, Volume 22 is where Jim Fusco was introduced, and for those looking for good music, Fusco is it. HIs song, "Go Back To Him" was from his album Halfway There, released in 2009. As this album was soon to be released at the time of our Volume 22 compilation, I was awaiting to hear other tracks. Fusco has always been working with music, recording it, and making music videos. He was also part of our tribute album to the Beatles: WSVNRadio Salutes The Beatles. All of the tracks were recorded by artists from our Hall of Fame. This fab four tribute not only contained Beatle tracks, it also included some of the solo tracks of John, Paul, George an Ringo. Jim Fusco's version of Ringo Starr's "You're Sixteen" was one of the tribute tunes. It was from Fusco's Laptop Sessions.

    Using references/history from his CDBaby bio:

    Fusco's music beginnings began with his debut album in 2001, entitled With Or Without You. It's theme were songs of being with someone and being without. Computerized MIDIs were used, as Jim was experimenting with his first instrument, the drums. He would improve for his second album, released in 2002, My Other Half. It's theme were of songs of complete relationships. It would consist of 27 tracks, being a double disc set, compared to his 15-track debut album. For his third album, he was getting help with lyrics, from Chris Moore. Keyboards and guitar would be the next instruments of interest. 2003 was the release of Formula. The "formula" of ten tracks, of a fast starting song, a love song, a single for the album, filler, a B-side, a "push the envelope" song, and a big closing track. This album would be his "in between" effort, as he had been working on songs from this album from his previous album sessions, and new material at the time.

    Later in 2003, his fourth album was That's All..." Consisting of two completed albums on one disc. The first album was That's All Folks. The album featured contemporary folks songs, composed by Jim. The second album, That's All Jim, were songs written in Jim's own style. They were highly acclaimed by music professors, students, language and art teachers, and his friends.

    In 2004, Jim wrote a novel, entitled There's No Stepping Back. It tells the story of Jim's accomplishments and lifetime goal. Also that year, his next project was a "final frontier" DVD, as he tackled both music and print. The Best Of Jim Fusco, Vol. 1 featured music videos, sound mixes, slideshows, and live performances. Next was Live In The Studio, with Chris Moore and Becky Daly. This would be the start of vocal harmonies in live shows.

    His sixth studio album was released in 2005, "What About Today?" It featured songs linked together by musical interludes and blending of tracks through chord progressions. By now, Jim's music was more on the upside and both his songwriting and instrumentation, and having more of an "edge" that would just keep getting better an better.

    2009 saw Halfway There, and with Jim's background music improving, I must say, that this particular album sounding as great as it is, the beginning stages in Jim Fusco's career would be a great intro to how his music, songwriting, and playing of instruments progressed over time.

    Halfway There:

    "Go Back To Him" leads off the album, as it was this track on our Hall of Fame compilation. It's Pop, it has it's hooks, it's early-Beatle'ish. (More of a McCartney solo feel, and throughout). "Our Love Doesn't Translate" is another great Pop Rock track. What stands out on "On For Miles" are the vocal harmonies. "Write It All" is a nice acoustic (guitar) Pop. "Tuning In" is just as nice, with nice guitar solos. This album keeps getting better, and better...

    "A Night Away" gets more upbeat, and in a great way, and the vocal harmonies are in tune. Then there's "I Got You." This one surely is an album standout. It has a bluesy style. It's quite impressive. And again, you keep wanting to listen more... With that in mind, there's the next track, "Exception"; another impressive track.

    "Have You Here" is another great acoustic-driven tune, and its the return of the light Pop on the title track. "Ruins" is another great Pop-sounding tune, and just when you know you still want more, there's the hidden track gem, "Winning You Over."

    Gems ... these are "diamonds" of Pop music. Jim Fusco's Halfway There is a must listen to. He has worked his way up the musical ladders in improving his songwriting, and his playing of various music instruments" Drums, Keyboards, and guitar. has his other releases, starting with his 2005 What About Today release. Of course, there is his Halfway There release there. And afterwards, his recordings continued with Those Around Us (2012), The Easy Ways (2014), and 14 Days Of Christmas (2015). His main website is: Also, check out his Laptop Sessions blog. Read another Laptop Sessions review of Halfway There here.

    One of the mentions from the above Laptop Sessions review is:

    There is certainly something very appropriate about the title of this new release. Careful listeners will certainly appreciate the conceptual and thematic connections. In most places on the record, Fusco seems upbeat and generally optimistic, and yet there is a clear feeling of being stuck in a transition phase. “You go on for miles then you stop,” he sings in “On For Miles,” possibly referring to his fiancee (now only months away from their wedding). On “Exception,” he sings, “Why can’t we be an exception to the rule?” Fusco is even more blunt on “I Got You,” as he wails, “I’ll always have you here and shouldn’t that be enough?”

    Fusco wrote in his review of Jeff Copperthite’s 2008 album Greenlight: “As an independent artist, I’ve found that people don’t take our music seriously. They won’t listen to it in the car like every other album they own. They won’t recommend it to their friends and write online reviews. It just doesn’t happen very often.” Another mention is how Jim Fusco has surpassed professionalism. This is a very professionally recorded album. This is a an album meant to be listened to, enjoyed, and even played in your car radios. It's a great album from one of many Independent artists. An Independent artist, named Jim Fusco. This name may not be a music household name, but for those who are familiar with his music, his is professional. He has talent. A gifted songwriter and musician. He is in a Hall of Fame. OUR Hall of Fame -- The WSVNRadio Hall of Fame.

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