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"Hall Of The Mountain Grill"

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Year of Release: 1974

track listing
  • The Psychedelic Warlords
  • Wind Of Change
  • D-Rider
  • Web Weaver
  • You'd Better Believe It
  • Hall Of The Mountain Grill
  • Lost Johnny
  • Goat Willow
  • Paradox

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    "Hall Of The Mountain Grill"

    We travel once again, to the Land of Hawkwind. A very distinguished band, a very unique band. A Rock & Roll Hall of Fame band? Definitely. Hawkwind was extroadinary (the band is still currently recording; there most recent album was released in 2016).

    In the year 1974, Lemmy Kilminster (who would later be famous in the band Motorhead) was still in the band. (He would leave after another album, released in 1975.) Hawkwind's 1974 album was Hall Of The Mountain Grill.

    It would be another great album of Hawkwind Psychedelic and Hawkwind Rock, in the only ways they could establish. Hawkwind is one of those overlooked bands. Hall is one of those albums, as you listen to it, you're like, "Wow.. this band sure is different." But a "good different."

    "The Psychedelic Warlords" is a true and great psychedelic work, Hawkwind style. Then there's the "space rock" on "Wind Of Change." You can easily say while you're listening to this track, "Space... The New Frontier..." And if you listen even more closely, this track sounds like something Jeff Lynne & ELO could have recorded in their prime years of the 1970s.

    Then there's the impressive "D-Rider" a Rock & Roll Hawkwind; a Hard Rock Hawkwind; a Psychedelic Hawkwind. It's Hawkwind. "Web Weaver" takes a much different and laid back approach. Although it still sounds psychedelic and all, and can be compared to the early Pink Floyd, and their space rock. More on the space rock continues, with "You'd Better Believe It." -- Space rock and the Psychedelic Hawkwind.

    Probably the most impressive track from this album is the title track -- It has great piano, and can be compared to the great Rick Wakeman. It can also be used as a soundtrack for a (horror) movie. "Lost Johnny" continues more of the Psychedelic Rock of Hawkwind, as Lemmy was a co-writer of this track, and was the featured rhythm and lead guitarist. And of course, with his distinctive voice, it sure sounds like Lemmy also got the role of lead vocalist.

    "Goat Willow" is a short track, clocked in under two minutes, as it is more of a sound effects track with music; another highlight of Hawkwind's music career. "Paradox" is the closing track, and another great Rock/Psychedelic number, more on the Rock side.

    Hall Of The Mountain Grill is one of Hawkwind's favorable albums. It has their unique blend of Hard Rock and Psychedelia. This style is what made Hawkwind famous. The tracks were written by its members. The most from Dave Brock. Other songwriters from the band were Nik Turner, Simon House, and Del Dettmar. Which leaves the drummer, Simon King as the non-writer. Dave Brock would be the primary and original band member, throughout the band's nearly 50 years of existence, starting in 1969.

    Almost 50 years of Hawkwind. They've created some incredible music. Sure, some better than others. But their primary goal has been achieved, that is, creating music that is unique and different. Their musical styles have been categorized as Progressive, Psychedelic, Heavy Metal, Space Rock, Hard Rock. Hawkwind is not one of those bands you normally hear on the radio. Most likely their music is heard on FM Underground Radio, and nowadays the countless number of Internet Radio stations. And, Lemmy was a band member, as he would form his own unique and different band, Motorhead.

    Both Hawkwind and Motorhead should be in the Rock Hall of Fame. With the recent passing of Lemmy in December of 2015, it is just sad to see that Lemmy would not be alive to see his band inducted. (It seems this happens with a lot of artists. After they die, they get inducted.) If Motorhead does get inducted, it would be great to also see both Hawkwind and Motorhead inducted in the same year. Like many other artists who truly deserve to be there, we can only wait until their time will arrive.

    And on the topic of "unique and different" ... Hawkwind is a SCIENCE FICTION band. Their music can easily fit a Sci-Fi theme, a Sci-Fi movie. Now there is a great classification... Sci-Fi Hawkwind.

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