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Brooks & Dunn
"#1's And Then Some"

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Year of Release: 2009

track listing
Disc One:
  • Honky Tonk Stomp
  • Brand New Man
  • Ain't Nothing 'Bout You
  • Hillbilly Deluxe
  • How Long Gone
  • She's Not The
    Cheatin' Kind
  • A Man This Lonely
  • Rock My World
    (Little Country Girl)
  • Red Dirt Road
  • The Long Goodbye
  • You're Gonna Miss Me
    When I'm Gone
  • If You See Him/
    f You See Her
  • She Used To Be Mine
  • That Ain't No Way To Go
  • Boot Scootin' Boogie
    Disc Two:
  • Indian Summer
  • Play Something Country
  • My Next Broken Heart
  • Cowgirls Don't Cry
  • Lost And Found
  • Little Miss Honky Tonk
  • It's Getting Better
    All The Time
  • We'll Burn That Bridge
  • He's Got You
  • Only In America
  • I Am That Man
  • Husbands And Wives
  • Neon Moon
  • My Maria
  • Believe

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    Brooks & Dunn
    "#1's And Then Some"

    If you're looking for "True Country," Brooks & Dunn is it. They have been together since 1991, and they recorded a total of 10 studio albums until the year 2007. Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn parted ways (on a good note), to go solo. In 2015 they reunited with Reba McEntire to tour. All of their albums (with the exception of 2007's Cowboy Town achieved at least one (if not, more) #1 Country songs. From their Greatest Hits compilations, was 2009's #1s... And Then Some. Like many artists, their compilations would include one or more unreleased tracks. Their Greatest Hits Collection I and II did this, and those unreleased tracks reappeared on #1s... And Then Some. And, of course, there are some unreleased tracks on this collection as well.

    The best to say about this collection, is that every #1 song Brooks & Dunn achieved is here, and then some... My only complaint to say, is that the track listing was not in chronological order. So therefore, we'll go through the songlist, with it's appropriate information:

    Brooks & Dunn
    #1's ... And Then Some
    Song TitleAlbumYear#1 ? Song TitleAlbumYear#1 ?
    "Honky Tonk Stomp"
    (featuring Billy Gibbons)
    (unreleased) 2009 no "Indian Summer" (unreleased) 2009 no
    "Brand New Man" Brand New Man 1991 yes "Play Something Country" Hillbilly Deluxe 2005 yes
    "Ain't Nothing 'Bout You" Steers And Stripes 2001 yes "My Next Broken Heart" Brand New Man 1991 yes
    "Hillbilly Deluxe" Hillbilly Deluxe 2006 no "Cowgirls Don't Cry"
    (featuring Reba McEntire)
    Cowboy Town 2008 no
    "How Long Gone" If You See Her 1998 yes "Lost And Found" Brand New Man 1992 no
    "She's Not The Cheatin' Kind" Waitin' On Sundown 1994 yes "Little Miss Honky Tonk" Waitin' On Sundown 1995 yes
    "A Man This Lonely" Borderline 1996 yes "It's Getting Better All The Time" The Greatest Hits Collection II 2004 yes
    "Rock My World (Little Country Girl)" Hard Workin' Man 1993 no "We'll Burn That Bridge" Hard Workin' Man 1993 no
    "Red Dirt Road" Red Dirt Road 2003 yes "He's Got You" The Greatest Hits Collection 1997 no
    "The Long Goodbye" Steers And Stripes 2001 yes "Only In America" Steers And Stripes 2001 yes
    "You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone" Waitin' On Sundown 1995 yes "I Am That Man" Borderline 1996 no
    "If You See Him/If You See Her"
    (featuring Reba McEntire)
    If You See Him 1998 yes "Husbands And Wives" If You See Her 1998 yes
    "She Used To Be Mine" Hard Workin' Man 1993 yes "Neon Moon" Brand New Man 1992 yes
    "That Ain't No Way To Go" Hard Workin' Man 1994 yes "My Maria" Borerline 1996 yes
    "Boot Scootin' Boogie" Brand New Man 1992 yes "Believe" Hillbilly Deluxe 2005 no

    Twenty #1 Hits, and then some...

    Surpringsly, "Rock My World (Little Country Girl)" did not reach #1. Nevertheless, the #1's that did reach were worth it. The "and then some" category gets the album tracks and two unreleased.

    There isn't one bad track here, and in fact, all of B&D's music is top-notch. Every original album of them is worth collecting. 2007's Cowboy Town did not achieve any #1's - another surprise.

    As for the solo albums. Kix Brooks released one solo album, before he teamed up with Ronnie Brooks. His 1983 self-titled Kix Brooks received a minor hit with "Sacred Ground," and "Baby, When Your Heart Breaks Down.". His post-Brooks & Dunn solo release was 2012's New To This Town. Another mention for Brooks is the 2014 soundtrack of Ambush At Dark Canyon. Ronnie Dunn has released two solo albums: Ronnie Dunn (2011), Peace, Love, And Country Music (2014). He is scheduled to release his third solo later this year (2016), entitled Tattooed Heart.

    Brooks & Dunn defines today's Country, and how it really should sound like. Today's Country just isn't Country -- Luke Bryan? Florida Georgia Line? Them and their likes just sounds too much like Pop, trying to sound like Country. Probably the only "good" Country in today's age, is Blake Shelton. Of course, a lot of fans may have a different opinion of him, after his divorce fro Miranda Lambert, and his involvement with Gwen Stefani.

    But move over, "Today's Country..." Brooks & Dunn defines "True Country" from the end of the 20th Century into the 21st. They recently reunited with Reba McEntire. And when they announced that they would be going solo, they informed the public, to not worry, that they would be back. Now that they're touring with Reba, we can only hope that they will get back in the studio with new recordings.

    Brooks & Dunn's #1's... And Then Some" is a great anthology of their music. It has all their best hits, and then some. Hear what Country really is, and should be for future Country artists. Kix Brooks & Ronnie Dunn belong in the Country Hall of Fame, and even the Rock Hall. A good description, from Steve Huey of AllMusic: "Dunn was the quietly intense singer with the soulful voice, whil Brooks played the part of the high-energy showman." As for their sound, he says "A winning formula of rambunctious, rocked-up honky tonk with punchy, danceable beats (alternated with) smooth, pop-tinged ballads."

    That, my friends, IS Country. 'Nuff said.

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