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Fred Hammond
"Somethin' 'Bout Love"

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Year of Release: 2004

track listing
  • I Know It Was The Blood
  • Celebrate (He Lives)
  • Not Just What You Say
  • Praise Belongs To You
  • Lord We Need Your Love
  • God Is A Good God
  • Loved On Me
  • A Closer Walk
  • I Will Find A Way
  • Love's In Need
  • Your Love Is
  • I'm A Soldier In The Army
    Of The Lord
  • That's Why
  • It Just Gets Sweeter
  • What Can I Give
  • Your Love Is A Wonder
  • How Do You Love
    That Way
  • Make Time For Love
  • Your Name Is Jesus

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    Fred Hammond
    "Somethin' 'Bout Love"

    This is R&B Gospel Music, Soulful Gospel Music, and very good music, indeed...

    This week is the debut of Gospel artist Fred Hammond. Some of his albums reached the top spot of the Billboard Christian albums chart. 2004's Somethin' 'Bout Love hit #1 for one week. Although I'm sure that Hammond has achieved far more #1 albums on Billboard's Gospel albums chart, it is awesome to learn of his Gospel-inspired music from the Christian genre.

    Another point to mention, is that Gospel albums by Hammond (and the likes) are far better to listen to that today's "rap crap." These albums have a more soulful approach. A more romantic R&B feel, and funky R&B. Somethin' 'Bout Love definitely has all this. Fans of R&B artists such as Usher, Brian McKnight, Musiq have the perfect R&B qualities to make music such as this, wanted in your collection. It also has the flashback of the 1970s Soul. This music just isn't in our current century like it used to, as in the 1970s. And, in Hammond's music, the Christian/Gospel religious faith adds an extra touch to good, soulful music.

    A 22-second chant leads off the album, as you hear a crowd repeating the title of the song, "I Know It Was The Blood." This is just a little introlude. Then there's the soulful "Celebrate (He Lives)," as it leads throughout the rest of the album, as pure, Soulful R&B. Artists such as Usher gets the nod on "Not Just What You Say." Upbeat R&B is on the next track, "Praise Belongs To You."

    Hammond has help on "Lord We Need Your Love" from fellow artists Marvin L. Winans Sr. and Brian McKnight (two great artists in their own right -- Winans being a member of the famous Winans family, and Brian McKnight, another great soulful and romantic R&B singer). This song is a beautiful soulful R&B tune. Another short interlude follows, "God Is A Good God." You can envision James Brown in the Blues Brothers movie, more specific, the gospel choir and it's audience, on this little jumpin' interlude.

    "Loved On Me" is more of an upbeat soulful R&B track. R&B Romance has the next two tracks, "A Closer Walk" and "I Will Find A Way." Stevie Wonder's "Love's In Need" has been covered by many, in reading reviews on this album, and Hammond's version is easily impressive. The artist Musiq helps out on this one. More beautiful romantic R&B is heard once again, on "Your Love Is."

    Just as the previous interlude, "I'm A Soldier In The Army Of The Lord" is similar to "God Is A Good God."

    More romantic R&B returns on "That's Why." Funky, upbeat R&B is heard on "It Just Gets Sweeter." Once again, romantic R&B on "What Can I Give." Your Love Is A Wonder, although it has the R&B groove, it has some Rap vocalization, and can match the Rap music formats, being in its upbeat, funky soulful beats.

    More beautiful R&B -- "How Do You Love That Way." The same for "Make Time For Love." The album's ending track, "Your Name Is Jesus" is just as beautiful as the other romantic and soulful R&B tracks.

    Here's a review from, by Peace Brotha, as this review pretty much sums it up:
    Fred Hammond is one of the most gifted songwriters/arrangers/musicians on the planet. His songs never fail to uplift and inspire, nor do they ever get old. I applaud Fred for trying something different with the praise and worship vibe of his previous project, but Somethin' 'Bout Love finds him his true element of classic and contemporary soul/R&B arrangements, with plenty of melodies to help The Message stick with you. This set is a true extension of the musical ideas and themes found on the original Pages Of Life. This is Fred's best project since the original Pages Of Life... and that's saying something, since no one has yet topped that one in artistic continuity -- including Minister Hammond hinmself. But Somethin' 'Bout Love comes mighty close to at least equallying that masterpiece, and belongs in your spiritual and/or mainstream music collection. It really is a wonderful piece of work that will stand the test of time.

    Yes, this is definitely an excellent, excellent R&B Soulful album. Easily matching other R&B playlists, contemporary R&B, romantic R&B. Fred Hammond is Usher, is Brian McKnight. Just like them. If it was Jazz, he would be compared to George Benson. This is a fantastic album, and we look forward in reviewing more of his music. This kind of R&B is what today's music needs more of. It's pleasant, it's romantic, it's much more easier to listen to, and enjoy. Fred Hammond's Somethin' 'Bout You is a must for the romantic's collection, or for anyone else who enjoys this kind of music.

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