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Todd Rungren

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Year of Release: 1971

track listing
Disc One:
  • I Saw The Light
  • It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference
  • Wolfman Jack
  • Cold Morning Light
  • It Take Two To Tango
    (This Is For
    The Girls)
  • Sweeter Memories
  • Intro
  • Breathless
  • The Night The Carousel Burnt Down
  • Saving Grace
  • Marlene
  • Song Of The Viking
  • I Went To The Mirror
    Disc Two:
  • Black Maria
  • One More Day (No Word)
  • Couldn't I Just Tell You
  • Torch Song
  • Little Red Lights
  • Overture-My Roots:
    (That's What
    I Want)/
    Messin' With
    The Kid
  • Dust In The Wind
  • Piss Aaron
  • Hello It's Me
  • Some Folks Is Even
    Whiter Than Me
  • You Left Me Sore
  • Slut

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    Todd Rungren

    When I first discovered Todd Rundgren's music, the most played tunes of his was either (or both) "Hello It's Me" and/or "I Saw The Light". These two songs would be from his 1971 release, Something/Anything?, a two-LP set. The two songs mentioned would be the most played. But, listening to the other tracks, you have to agree, that Todd Rundgren is a musical genius. His music is truly unique to the other commonday artists at the time. Powerful Pop tunes are heard throughout Something/Anything? Pop, maybe even Soul-ful tunes are all here, and this album may not have been highly acclaimed as others, well, it should be. This is a fantastic album.

    Disc One...

    "I Saw The Light" is a classic gem from Rundgren. It's one of his most remembered hits. Then there's the outstanding Pop tracks such as "It Wouldn't Have Made Any Different" and "Wolfman Jack." Soul and Pop gets the mix on "Cold Morning Light."

    Then there are those songs that are just so unique, that it puts Rundgren apart from the other "Pop sounding" artists of his time: "It Takes Two To Tango (This Is For The Girls), and "Sweeter Memories."

    On "Breathless" this song sounds like a fast paced intro of George Harrison's "My Sweet Lord intro" Is this true? Although it's an instrumental, it is quite catchy, psychedelic in parts, dance flavored, and progressive in parts also.

    The next three songs are very Beatle-ish. "The Night The Carousel Burnt Down" definitely has the penmanship of Paul McCartney, as it has the late Beatle-ish style that would fit albums such as "Magical Mystery Tour" and Sgt. Pepper." But on the beginning of "Saving Grace," you're like, "Whoa.. what happened here?" Weird, strange. Yet it then returns basically to where Breathless left off, in it's Rundgren styled Pop. Very McCartney-ish returns with "Marlene," another outstanding gentle easy Pop, as heard from McCartney, likewise on the next track, "Song Of The Viking."

    The "Whoa, what happened hear" factor gets "I Went To The Mirror" -- A totally different take all together from all the songs heard thus far, It's unique, and hard to describe, yet it makes Rundgren stand out once again. Maybe it's Frank Zappa-ish? Speaking of FZ...

    Disc Two...

    The second disc starts out with "Black Maria," as if it was performed by Zappa, as he would perform in concert. The piano-based "One More Day (No Word)" returns to the "Rundgren Pop" as heard on the beginning of disc one of this album. Then there's the catchy "Couldn't I Just Tell You," a song that is just an outstanding Rock tune, fitting not only the current 1970s decade's Rock style, yet it could easy fit today's Rock, as it refreshes the 21st Century with its nostalgic look at what good music used to sound like, from previous decades ago.

    The uniqueness of "Rundgren Pop" returns with the gentle and loving "Torch Song." "Little Red Lights" is a Rocker! The most rocking track found here, just as it fits the 1970s rock decade. Also to mentioned, this is an instrumental rock song.

    The rest of the album, RUndgren performs with a full band, where previously, he recorded all the music and instruments himself. "Overture - My Roots: Money (That's What I Want)/Messin' With The Kid" mixes the two classic hits together as an overture rock opera. (The remaining tracks from here were recorded as if it was Rundgren's own "Rock Opera." "Dust In The Wind" returns Rundgren in the gentler, easy Todd. "Piss Aaron" has a somewhat novelty approach. Definitely the Rock Opera approach on "SOme Folks Is Even Whiter Than Me." Broadway? That's the best way to describe "You Left Me Sore." And closing out the album is "Slut"; a great rocking track, often compared to the 1970s rocking Rolling Stones.

    There is something for everyone here on "Something/Anything?" Something, yes, something for everyone. As for the Anything? part, it is probably the continuation of Something ... This is Rundgren's "White Album." This is Rundgren's "Rock Opera." This is probably considred an overlooked classic rock album. It's something and anything/everything for the common Rock fan. This is one of those albums that has not lost it's touch, over forty years since it's existence. Todd Rundgren has proved that he is a Rock Genius. This is the original album to start off your Todd Rundgren collection. It's a must to have. It's a must to listen to, over and over.

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