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Spirit Creek
"Spirit Creek"

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Year of Release: 2002

track listing
  • Call The Rain
  • Is There Someone
    Out There
  • Why Ask Why
  • The Masquerade
  • Half A Goodbye
  • Last Stand

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    Spirit Creek
    "Spirit Creek"

    Spirit Creek's mission is very simple -- to create music for three reasons... God, ourselves, and the listeners that grace us with their presence. We are doing this for those three reasons alone. To once again play music with purpose and meaning, reasons so many of us lose in all aspects and walks of life. Performing heartfelt songs that are full of life affirming lyrics that explore the human soul and emotions as well as the trials and tribulations that every one of us experience, we look at our music as a door opener for everyone to realize that "It's okay to feel the things you feel, that you are definitely not alone." That there is hope, and most importantly, things will be alright.
    from Spirit Creek's Soundclick page

    And listening to their music, the above paragraph does definite it well. Spirit Creek is a Christian band that is powerful, and is a great Christian band to listen and look up to. The band is lead by Doug Shea, who's life story had its shares of ups and downs. (Read his "About section" on his website, Also to mention, that his Spirit Creek band was one of the many bands WSVNRadio has promoted, from its Hall of Fame, Volume 2. Their song, "Rise" was a B-side CD, called Strong Inside, and an alternative mix.

    A great Rock track leads off this 6-song album - "Call The Rain." "Is There Somewhere Out There" is very Christian voiced, as it easily fits today's Christian music. Fans of such great Christian bands/artists such as Casting Crowns and MercyMe gets the Spirit Creek comparison here.

    "Why Ask Why" fits the Alternative Rock style, with its' nice and pleasant sound. Alternative and Rock also fits another good track, "Half A Goodbye." "The Masquerade" has more of a Rock style. Lastly, "Last Stand" is a great, easy goind Rock track.

    One thing I could never figure out, is how many music fans do not recognize Christian music as a major genre of music to listen to. One thing to consider, in all Christian and Gospel songs, are its powerful lyrics. The music itself reflects on Rock music, basic Rock, Alternative Rock. Even Country. And yes, even Hardcore Rock. It's all about the lyrics. And Doug Shea and Spirit Creek reflects on the spiritual faith, and(like everyone else in Christian/Gospel music, praise our Lord, Jesus Christ. Not only does Jesus gets the attention in the lyrics, but basically how to love and prosper, and try to leave the bad behind, and focus on the good in all of us. [No one is "perfect"; yet the lyrics of music can easily bring a force to one's self. This is what music can do. The power of music. The power of it's lyrics. The power of Christian music. The power of Christian music's lyrics.]

    Spirit Creek has six songs to enjoy here on this album. Just wished there were more, but you get a good idea of how Doug Shea and his band show how much they worship their music, and provide an audience to listen, and enjoy the music of Spirit Creek.

    Doug Shea has his own albums of Christian music; he has released two albums under his name: Kingdom Bridges (2013) and his latest, credited as Doug Shea & The Circle Of Quiet -- Where Truth Meets Grace (2016). He also has worked on an album by Shea Hill, entitled The Elegy Of Me. Shea Hill is the duo of Doug Shea and Aaron Hill. Doug's music is worth checking out, for those who enjoy Christian music. He also has videos on his website. And as mentioned earlier, his website's "About" section is very worth reading.

    WSVNRadio is very proud to have promoted Spirit Creek's music as part of our Hall of Fame. Speaking of which, WSVNRadio is currently working on an all-Christian/Gospel compilation as our next project in the Hall of Fame Series. Volume 24: 24 Hours of Worship. We hope to promote Doug Shea (once again) for this compilation, by placing one of his solo tracks for Volume 24. (He is sending us his music, and approval to particpate on Volume 24.) Likewise, we look forward in listening to his albums, and reviewing his work as part of our album reviews.

    For more information, refer to the website. Thank you again, Doug, for being part of our history.

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