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Seizure Crypt
"Under The Gun"

© Bad Elephant Productions Year of Release: 2008

track listing
  • 634-75(1,2)
    The Phone Number To Madness
  • The Last Icon
  • No Room Left To Bleed
  • When You Die
    (They Throw Yer Stuff Out)
  • In This Day
  • Crazy Cat Lady
  • Fight To Kill
  • Drug Pig
  • Fuck Work

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    Seizure Crypt
    "Under The Gun"

    Seizure Crypt is a band that appeared on our WSVNRadioo Hall of Fame Series, particulary Volume 19. Their song, "Chompin' At The Bit" was originaly from their first CD, City Of New York. Their music is Speed Metal, as in the early years of Metallica. They've classified their musical style as "raging hardcore/punk rock." As of this date, they have released a total of four albums. Their third, >Under The Gun (2008) gets the nod as this week's pick.

    Seizure Crypt is led by vocalist Thomas Reardon, also known as "The Madness." Also in the band are bassist Darryl Deranged, vocalist Michael "SOS", and (North Horn) drummer Douglas Williamson. 100 gigs have been performed by the band, one live on cable television. Also 200 published reviews online. And 30 live musical performance videos on their YouTube channel. As described in the bio from their website, Seizure Crypt's members of the partying kind. You can learn more about the band on their website here. Reviews are found on their website here.

    Basically each track is speed metal material. The album begins with "634-74(1,2) The Phone Number To Madness." It's "spanish music" intro is quite impressive, as it kicks into the speed metal the band is famous for. Spanish vs. Speed? Quite interesting. (Sorry folks, no area code was provided. The band is from New York, maybe from the Coney Island area. On the back cover of this album: "Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Don Fury at Cyclone Sound, Coney Island, N.Y. on the dates of 1/26, 1/28, 1/29 and 3/5/2008.)

    With different sounding intros, the same is said for other songs, such as "When You Die (They Throw Yer Stuff Out)" and "Drug Pig." Both intros are quiet in sound, yet the both kick into the speed metal.

    "The Last Icon," "Crazy Cat Lady," and "Fuck Work" all have the fast, speed metal style. Very early sounding Metallica, and even Megadeth. If you've seen the movie Talk Radio imagine the "Kent" character (actually, he looked like Steven Tyler of Aerosmith), banging on the table, rocking to his favorite speed metal songs in his head.

    "In This Day" mixes Rock and Speed Metal, and could be part of a horror movie soundtrack.

    Seizure Crypt is loud, punkish, speed metal, metal rock. This kind of music may not be for everyone. But, it's music, and there is a desire for this kind of sound, and this kind of music. It's that "put your fist in the air, and "go crazy on the air drums and air guitar" music, that sets an energetic kick start to anyone who enjoys it.

    Also mentioned on the back cover: "Absolutely no triggers, quantifying techniques, sampling or effects used to make this recording. Only one guitar, one bass guitar, one North Horn drumkit, and two voices used to make this recording."

    Their other albums City Of New York (debut) and Hello, My Name Is .. Madness! (second release) have yet to be reviewed. I'm sure it's another adventure in the speed metal lives of Seizure Crypt. Their latest album is You've Been Had!. It looks like the band has been inactive since 2013.

    Seizure Crypt, another proud member of the WSVNRadio Hall of Fame. Speed Metal fans will enjoy this band. Their website is

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