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Melissa Etheridge
"Your Little Secret"

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Year of Release: 1995

track listing
  • Your Little Secret
  • I Really Like You
  • Nowhere To Go
  • An Unusual Kiss
  • I Want To Come Over
  • All The Way To Heaven
  • I Could Have Been You
  • Shriner's Park
  • Change
  • This War Is Over

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    Melissa Etheridge
    "Your Little Secret"

    Melissa Etheridge marks her debut here on WSVNRadio, with her 1995 release, Your Little Secret. Melissa's music is simply one word, and she does it quite well: ROCKIN'. Her well-known songs are hard-edge rocker songs. From her self-titled debut in 1988, three more albums were released, from 1989 to 1993. Your Little Secret was her fifth album. And, just as her previous albums, she rocks it out as usual. By 1993, Yes I Am would be her breaktrhough album, and it was where she announced she was a lesbian. And although Your Little Secret may have not been as hugely successful as Yes I Am, the "little secret" was out -- Melissa Etheridge may be a lesbian, yet she still keeps continuing to rock it out, as if the announcement was never made. (Also to mention, her first two albums may not have been as popular either, but they still stand out as great albums to many.)

    The title track was the song I remembered, although it wasn't heard as often as her previous album hits. And, like the title track, "I Really Like You" keeps the hard-edge Rock Melissa on the roll. "Nowhere To Go" slows down the pace, yet still, Melissa knows how to record a softer song, just as any rocking ones. And, this song could pass as Americana/Country for it's radio playlists.

    "An Unusual Kiss" and "I Want To Come Over" both starts out smooth, but Melissa rocks it out in the end. "All The Way To Heaven" is just as smooth as "Nowhere To Go." It's another great tune. Cool, smooth-driving and blues rock gets the call on "I Could Have Been You." Just as the other slower paced songs from this album, "Shriner's Park" also gets added. "Shriner's Park" blends into another great smoother, "Change." Ending the album is "This War Is Over," another smoother.

    As mentioned earlier, Melissa Etheridge is best known for her harder-edge Rock songs. Your Little Secret tends to show a softer side, although all the songs rock to their own extents. Your Little Secret is no doubt, a fantastic album, just as her previous releases. The first two tracks, the title track, and "I Really Like You" are the true rockers.

    By 1995, Melissa Etheridge's life began a new direction, by announcing herself as a lesbian. She won an ASCAP Songwriter of the Year award in 1996, recorded songs for charity, appeared on the sitcom Ellen, and recorded two more albums during the years of 1999 (Breakdown) and 2001 (Skin). 2002 saw year of her autobiography, titled "The Truth Is: My Life In Love And Music." In 2004, she released her next album, Lucky, and she was in a new relationship, with actress Tammy Lynn Michaels. They had been dating since 2001.

    Another opportunity was in the works, as there was a possible biography movie on the life of Janis Joplin. Etheridge was for the role, but in 2004, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The years 2005 through 2007 saw more charity work. The Greatest Hits: The Road Less Traveled was released in 2005, and since then, six studio albums, a Christmas album, another Best of (Icon) and a live album were all released, from 2005 to 2007. Her most recent album, 2016's Memphis Rock and Soul reached #1 on Billboard's Blues Album Charts. It stayed at #1 for a total of six weeks.

    Since Your Little Secret is Etheridge's first album on our site, there will be more of her albums. Just as this one, excellent as it is, there are other great albums she has recorded, which we have the honor to review. There's more to come, and with the success of her 2016 release, I'm sure there will be more from her to enjoy.

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    Nick Granato--Outside The Lines
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