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Joanna Connor
"Believe It"

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track listing
  • Texas Flyer
  • He's Mine
  • Doctor Feelgood
  • I'm Satisfied
  • When You're Being Nice
  • Pack It Up
  • Everybody I Know
  • Playing In The Dirt
  • Soul's On Fire
  • Somebody's On Your Case
  • Good Rockin' Daddy

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    Joanna Connor
    "Believe It"

    In the mid-2000s, I was introduced to the music of Joanna Connor, as I attended one of her many live shows at the Kingstone Mines club, in Chicago. Joanna Connor was mentioned as being a true great talent in Blues. Not only that, she was also mentioned as an aspiring guitarist. Her big stage appearance was magnified by that of her guitar playing. I was totally impressed with how she played her guitar, and she also is an impressive singer. Her guitar work is truly the standout. As I watched her play, two popular guitar players stuck in my mind: Eddie Van Halen (Joanna's fast fingers on her guitar), and Jimi Hendrix (her style could easily match Jimi's) or even that of Stevie Ray Vaughn, as SRV was a huge fan of Hendrix.

    At the time of her concert, I was busy recruiting independent music artists to participate on our WSVN Hall of Fame series. I was able to introduce myself to Joanna after the show, and invited her to become a part of the series. She agreed, yet the contracts I give out for the partipcation didn't get received. I was able to become friends with her on Facebook. Still, I was so impressed of her music, I looked her up to see if she had recorded any albums. On her Wikipedia page, there were quite a few of her albums that were released. Believe It! was the first one mentioned, and this week, we proudly debut the music of Joanna Connor on our website.

    "Texas Flyer" kicks it off first, jump starting into a listening adventure, in it highest qualities. It's funky beat grabs your attention, knowning that this album is off to a fantastic start. "He's Fine" keeps its going, with its blues-grit style. This album is going great, as expected. "Doctor Feelgood" is compared to what Stevie Ray Vaughan would have recorded. "I'm Satisfied", is definitely satisfiying, with it's upbeat R&B style. "When You're Being Nice" has all the qualities of a great blues number, in which Robert Cray could has easily recorded this one, as many. "Pack It Up" is bluesy, it's funky, its awesome. "Everybody I Know" is another great style of R&B Blues. The slide guitar is another great quality by Joanna Connor. And slowing it down musically a bit, "Playing In The Dirt" is another experience of slow-driving blues in its A+ style. More upbeat great blues on "Soul's On Fire". "Somebody's On Your Case" is a another great walk on the road of the funky blues. And ending the album is the upbeat blues meets jazz "Good Rockin' Daddy."

    Good Rockin' this is! This is the debut of a future Hall of Famer, Joanna Connor. She has released more albums, as her Wikipdia page has listed 11. Her latest release, Six String Stories was released in 2016. Her other credits include appearing as a musician on the TV show, The Exorcist. in 2016.

    Joanna Connor's music and her live shows are a must to hear and see. If you want to see a great live show in Blues, check out her performances at the Kingston Mines club in Chicago, or where ever she maybe attending in your area. Joanna Connor is the Queen of the Blues; the Queen of the rock guitar Blues. She will definitely be on your (wish) lists of great (Blues) music to listen to. There will be more of her music to be reviewed here by Joanna Connor. Discover Joanna Connor, it's definitely worth it, especially for all the Blues fans, and music fans in general.

    For more information, and videos of Joanna Connor, visit here.

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