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Michael Buble
"Call Me Irresponsible"

© 143/Reprise Records
Year of Release: 2007

track listing
  • The Best Is Yet To Come
  • It Had Better Be Tonight
  • Me And Mrs. Jones
  • I'm Your Man
  • Comin' Home Baby
  • Lost
  • Call Me Irresponsible
  • Wonderful Tonight
  • Everything
  • I've Got The World
    On A String
  • Always On My Mind
  • That's Life
  • Dream

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    Michael Buble
    "Call Me Irresponsible"

    Michael Buble debuts on our site this week, with his #1 Jazz album from 2007, Call Me Irresponsible. Buble was becoming a household name in Jazz music, being compared as the next Frank Sinatra, just as Harry Connick Jr. (Seth MacFarlane recently hit #1 with his crooner album, No One Ever Tells You.

    Chronologically by major label, Call Me Irresponsible was Buble's third album. He had released an EP and two studio albums prior to his debut major label album in 2003, that being his self-titled album, Michael Buble. His EP was in 1995 (First Dance). His next two albums were BaBalu (2001) and Dream (2002). Both albums were not widely commercial, and were not as popular as he is now. (Everyone had to start somewhere...)

    Buble would become the "next big crooner." His major label released featured primarily cover songs. Crooner songs which were recorded famously from the Big Band era; such artists as Frank Sinatra, and other Easy Listening or Soft Rock artists who would be famous decades after Sinatra. On Call Me Irresponsible, the songs contained were most popular by artists such as Sinatra, Billy Paul, Eric Clapton, Willie Nelson, Elvis Presley.

    Sinatra would have been proud of Buble's cover tunes of his: "The Best Is Yet To Come," "Call Me Irresponsible," "I've Got The World On A String," "That's Life." (I'm sure other artists of Sinatra's era and then some, just may have recorded these songs themselves too.)

    Billy Paul's 1970s #1 hit, "Me And Mrs. Jones" gets the Buble treatment, and like all the songs here, Buble sings it extremely well. Likewise, Eric Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight" is also exceptional. (Buble duets with Ivan Lins; a Latin Grammy-winning Brazilian musician.) And speaking of Latin, Buble duets with another Latin artist, Meglio Stasera, on "It Had Better Be Tonight." Both Willie Nelson and Elvis Presley recorded "Always On My Mind" individually, and, like their versions, Buble equally gets the 5-star review of his rendition, with his own personal style.

    There are songs here that I, myself, is not really familiar with, but Buble still shines on all of them. Harry Connick Jr. comes to mind on "I'm Your Man." The upbeat duet with Boyz II Men, The remaining unfamiliar tunes showcases Buble in true crooner form: "Lost," "Everything" and "Dream" are all soft crooning sounding tunes, and just as smooth to include on Smooth Jazz formats, and regular Jazz formats as well.

    Michael Buble's Call Me Irresponsible is a fantastic album. All of his crooning-styled albums have achieved outstanding reviews, and most have all reached #1 on Billboard's Jazz album chart. Call Me Irresponsible spent 57 weeks at #1 on Billboard's Jazz album chart, and crossed over to #1 on Billboard's Top 200 albums chart, for only one week. Since 2005, his albums have all reached #1, including a live album, Michael Buble Meets Madison Square Garden (2009). His most recent release in 2016, Nobody But Me, surprisingly, did not reach the top spot.

    Michael Buble's music is a must to collect, listen, and enjoyed. This is how music was, before Rock & Roll. And, listening to this kind of music today, surely is more enjoyable than today's Popular Music. Enjoy how music used to be, and how it really should be. Michael Buble's music is enjoyed by any age. Take a listen, whether you're already familar with the great sound of the Big Band / Pre-Rock era, or just discovering it for the first time. This kind of music has definitely made its comeback. With artists such as Buble, Harry Connick Jr., Seth MacFarlane, to name a few, there just isn't enough of them. But what we do have, it's music to be enjoyed, relax to, and, the lyrics are wonderful, clean, and easy to understand.

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