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Luscious Jackson
"Fever In Fever Out"

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Year of Release: 1996

track listing
  • Naked Eye
  • Don't Look Back
  • Door
  • Mood Swing
  • Under Your Skin
  • Electric
  • Take A Ride
  • Water Your Garden
  • Soothe Yourself
  • Why Do I Lie
  • One Thing
  • Parade
  • Faith
  • Stardust

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    Luscious Jackson
    "Fever In Fever Out"

    You're walking around in one of the many thrift stores. You walk upon the section of used CDs. One captures your attention. You've never heard of the band/artist before. But something draws you to it, and you want to listen to it...

    This was the case (and like many other bands and artists in this situation) where I found the band Lucious Jackson. I know I may have heard the name before (probably on Chicago's WXRT FM 93.1, Chicago's Finest Rock).

    Luscious Jackson is an alternative rock group, formed in 1991. The band's name was inspired by (retired) basketball player, Luscious Jackson. The group is an all-girl band: Jill Cunniff (vocals, bass), Gabby Glaser (vocals, guitar), Vivian Trimble (keyboards, vocals), and Katie Schellenback (drums). Their biggest hit was "Naked Eye" as it appeared on the band's second major album release, in 1996. They began their recording career, with their EP In Search Of Nanny (1992), then their first major album, Natural Ingredients (1994). Fever In Fever Out was releaed in 1996. They released one more album, Electric Honey in 1999, followed by a Greatest Hits compilation in 2007. Their most recent release wa in 2013, Magic Hour.

    As mentioned, Fever In Fever Out would contain their biggest hit, "Naked Eye." As you listen to this track, there is a comparison in remembering Thin Lizzy's track, "Jailbreak." As their music is categorized as "Alternative Rock," that is definitely best to describe their music. "Don't Look Back" definitely is Alternative. "Door" is just 6 seconds long. "Mood Swing" is also Alterntative, yet it may sound a little like off-Jazz. Then it's back to the Alternative "Under Your Skin" and "Electric."

    "Take A Ride" has a smooth Rock tone, yet it fits Alternative. "Water Your Garden" is another Rock/Alternative groover. "Soothe Yourself" takes a different direction than Rock; it's Alternative, and somewhat is the strange Alternative. It's different and unique, just as many of the other tracks heard so far on this album.

    "Why Do I Lie" (and "Under Your Skin") were both included in the movie Good Will Hunting, starring Robin Williams and Matt Damon. "Why Do I Lie" is yet another Alternative-sounding track, fitting again, all of the tracks on this album. "One Thing" is another Rock and Alternative. "Parade" is another short track, like "Door," clockin in at only 12 seconds. "Mysterious Alternative" sets up "Faith." "Stardust" get the same kind of attention as "Parade."

    Luscious Jackson began their recording career with an EP (1992), three studio albums (1994-1999), a Greatest Hits album (2007), and another studio album, recently released in the year 2013. Members of the band have released solo albums, in 2007: Jill Cunnif and Gabby Glaser. After their Greatest Hits album was released, they had announced their reunion in 2012, which resulted intheir 2013 album, Magic Honey.

    Luscious Jackson's Fever In Fever Out is very experimental. It's definitely an Alternative Rock album, yet on the more gentler side than the more upbeat or loudness of the Alternative Rock style. Probably to compare, would be the Smashing Pumpkins. It's Alternative, on a relaxed atmosphere.

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