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"High Voltage"

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Year of Release: 1976

track listing
  • It's A Long Way
    To The Top
    (If You Wannna
    Rock 'N' Roll)
  • Rock 'N' Roll Singer
  • The Jack
  • Live Wire
  • T.N.T.
  • Can I Sit Next To You Girl
  • Little Lover
  • She's Got Balls
  • High Voltage

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    "High Voltage"

    AC/DC's 1976 High Voltage was the "International Version," which everyone (most likely) has in their collection. The U.K. version of the same name was released a year later. The international version would contain some of the best well-known songs of the early years of AC/DC, with their original singer, Bon Scott. Probably considered the most popular song here would be "T.N.T." (which was not on the 1975 release.)

    High Voltage would be considered the band's debut album, and what a great debut it was. Every song is a monster; great hard rock from Australia. Many of the songs here would be FM favorites. "It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'N' Roll)" certainly gets it going, and from there on, there is no stopping. "Rock 'N' Roll Singer" -- not well-known as other songs on the album, but still, a great ROCK track.

    "The Jack" I remember most was their live version, from If You Want Blood, You've Got It. The live version had different lyrics than the studio version. "Live Wire" was another FM regularly played track, as Chicago radio station WLUP (The Loop) would play their music. "Can I Sit Next To You Girl" -- another FM radio favorite. AC/DC showcases the Blues very well, with "Little Lover." And another fine Rock track gets "She's Got Balls." The album ends with the title track, and again, it's another great album cut, and another FM and fan favorite.

    Bon Scott died in 1980, of alcohol poisoning. The band was working on their next upcoming album; the title being "Back In Black." Scott was replaced by Brian Johnson, and it opened another door to AC/DC's popularity, with Johnson as lead singer. But the question still remains, "Who was the better singer of AC/DC ?" For many, the answer would be the original band's singer, Bon Scott. His song fitted perfectly on the pre-Johnson albums. The band, with Johnson, would sing in concerts the songs that everyone remembered as "AC/DC with Bon Scott" songs. But, Bon Scott made those songs. And of course, Brian Johnson would pave the way for his own recorded voice with AC/DC. That most importantly, would be the Back In Black, For Those About To Rock, We Salue You and various other songs Johnson put his voice on, like "Thunderstruck." The entire Back In Black was famous with Johnson, and we often wonder how, if he had lived, would Bon Scott's voice be heard on the Back In Black. And how the future albums would be, with Scott.

    With Bon Scott or Brian Johnson, AC/DC is one of the best bands from the Hard Rock genre. And a great band to come from Australia. And yes, they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, in 2003. As they should be. They will always be one of the greatest bands of Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Rock & Roll. Rock and Roll, baby... Rock and Roll...

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