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Reba McEntire
"Love Somebody"

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Year of Release: 2015

track listing
  • Going Out Like That
  • Enough
  • She Got Drunk Last Night
  • Livin' Ain't Killed Me Yet
  • That's When I Knew
  • I'll Go On
  • Until They Don't Love You
  • Promise Me Love
  • Just Like Them Horses
  • Love Somebody
  • Love Land
  • Pray For Peace

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    Reba McEntire
    "Love Somebody"

    Reba McEntire returns once again, with another fine COUNTRY album -- her 2015 release, Love Somebody. Reba IS Country. Not this "Pop meets Country" BS. When you think of Country, you think of music in the true traditional Country sound. Sure, even some of the best Country artists (who originally started SOUNDING like Country, like Reba) are still considered COUNTRY. Since her first album in 1977, Country Music of the 1970s decade was considered "Country." It sounded Country, and 40 years later, Reba still has it.

    The hit singles from Love Somebody were "Going Out Like That," "Until They Don't Love You," and "Just Like Them Horses." The album debuted at #1 on Billboard's Country Albums chart. As mentioned, she still has it, decades since her debut. (The first two are upbeat, Rock/Country sounding; the latter hit single is a nice ballad.)

    A good mix of upbeat and (more of) ballad-type songs. The ballad-type/slowed down Country styled tunes are equally matched to the Country format, and the true Country format as it should be: "Enough" (with Jennifer Nettles), "She Got Drunk Last Night," "That's When I Knew," "I'll Go On," "Just Like Them Horses," "Love Land," "Pray For Peace." (Some of these ballads have a Christian/Gospel feel, of which she has already released an all-Christian album, Sing It Now; Songs Of Faith And Hope (2017). The upbeat'ers get these tunes: "Going Out Like That," "Livin' Ain't Killed Me Yet," "Promise Me Love," "Love Somebody" (title track),

    They all blend well, into another fine Reba McEntire album.

    Reba McEntire has been making music since 1977 -- just hitting 40 years. 40 Years! And she still records fantastic music in all those years. Love Somebody is another one. Her music IS Country. Her TV show was fantastic. With her outstanding record of #1 Country songs, and #1 Country Albums, she still has that track record going strong. She even hit #1 on the Christian Albums chart.

    She has been touring with Brooks & Dunn, and although B&D have not recorded together, (they separated to pursue solo careerrs), it seems that this dynamic duo of Country is still making music together, by touring with Reba. The three of them (B&D and Reba) recorded "If You See Her/If You See Him", which hit #1 on the Country songs chart. With them touring, it would be great for the three of them to record an album together, likewise seeing the return of Brooks & Dunn, back in the studio.

    For the true Country loving fan, you can't go wrong with Reba. She has made a name for herself, as being a CountryDdiva, a Country Legend. She is all that, and more. 2015 saw another great album released by her, Love Somebody. You will LOVE this album, by that SOMEBODY -- REBA McENTIRE. Or just simply, "Reba." That first name alone, says it all.

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    Previous Review: #1611
    Seventy Times Seven--97 + 99
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