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Dave Matthews Band
"Stand Up"

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Year of Release: 2005

track listing
  • Dreamgirl
  • Old Dirt Hill
    (Bring That
    Beat Back)
  • Stand Up (For It)
  • American Baby Intro
  • American Baby
  • Smooth Rider
  • Everybody Wake Up
    (Our Finest
    Hour Arrives)
  • Out Of My Hands
  • Hello Again
  • Louisiana Bayou
  • Stolen Away On
    55th And 3rd
  • You Might Die Trying
  • Steady As We Go
  • Hunger For The
    Great Light

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    Dave Matthews Band
    "Stand Up"

    The Dave Matthews Band's Stand Up became another #1 album for them, released in 2005. "American Baby" would be one of the hits off the album (and in my opinion, the best track). DMB may just not be one of all-time favorite bands. They do have good-to-great tracks, yet I can't really say that there is one complete album to really rant and rave about. (More of their albums will be reviewed here on this site...) Stand Up is just "an ok" album. It isn't a bad album; it isn't a great album either. In the fall of 2004, their previous albums consisted of live recordings. Busted Stuff were re-recorded tracks, that were abandoned in 2000. Their previous studio album was in 2001, Everday; as it received well reviews and much radio airplay.

    Stand Up would become the band's fourth consecutive #1 album on the Billboard albums chart. "American Baby" received the most radio airplay. "Dreamgirl," "Everybody Wake Up (Our Finest Hour Arrives) and "Smooth Rider" were other hits from the album, but I never did hear them on the radio, as "American Baby" did.

    "Dreamgirl" begins the album, being an "ok tune." However, "Old Dirt Hill (Bring That Beat Back)" is much better, and is a good song. "Stand Up (For It)" really didn't do anything for me, being another "a-ok" track. "American Baby Intro" is just that; an introduction to the hit song of "American Baby."

    More on the "just ok" tunes are: "Smooth Rider" and "Everybody Wake Up (Our Finest Hour Arrives)." "Out Of My Hands" is moody, and sounds a bit on the eerie side, making it a different approach for the album heard thus far. "Hello Again" returns on the ok side again, and "Louisiana Bayou" is better than the others, however the vocals of "whoop" effect in this song does get a little annoying.

    The album then gets better with the next two songs -- "Stolen Away On 55th And 3rd," and "You Might Die Trying" gets even better. But... "Steady As We Go" returns to "ok," likewise on "Hunger For The Great Light." The last two tracks seem to sound like Phillip Lynott of Thin Lizzy, but maybe that's just me.

    The Dave Matthews Band is a hit-or-miss. Although Stand Up is a fairly good album; it's just "an ok" album. There are better DMB albums than this one, for sure. Fans of this album were disapointed, because they could not make their own mp3s from the CD, as it contained an FBI Anti-Piracy Warning. This was the beginning of the created of your own mp3s for your own collections. Napster had already been hit by the copyright lawsuit by the rock band Metallica in 2000. My outlook on this, is that, if you're creating your own mp3s and NOT selling them, there shouldn't be any problems in creating mp3s from your favorite music. If you're making money from it, that would be lawbreaking, for artists' copyrights. But enjoying the music on your own, with no money being made -- What's the problem? Metallica's lawsuit was not necessary. They had made enough money for themselves by 2000, and they continued to make more albums, resulting in more money for them. I can see money being made for artists who never did get to see their royalties in their own pockets. This was the case for Blues artists before Rock & Roll was born: The 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, and early 1960s.

    The other Dave Matthews incident, where people were having their doubts, was in 2004, where his tour bus ejected 800 pounds of septic waste into the Chicago River. Most people who did enjoy DMB's music were turned away, and would have a different opinion of him. A boat of 100+ people were affected but it... A boat of 100+ people, and human waste. More on this story here.

    Whether your opinions of Dave Matthews changed due to this incident or not, his music career still continued on, with another #1 studio album, in 2009 -- Big Whiskey And The GrooGrux King. He has released numerous live albums, before 2005 and afterwards. Stand Up is a hit-or-miss album. I guess it depends on how much you really enjoy the Dave Matthews Band's music.

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