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Matthew Sweet
"Altered Beast"

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Year of Release: 1993

track listing
  • Dinosaur Act
  • Devil With The Green Eyes
  • The Ugly Truth
  • Time Capsule
  • Someone To Pull
    The Trigger
  • Knowing People
  • Life Without You
  • Intro
  • Ugly Truth Rock
  • Do It Again
  • In Too Deep
  • Reaching Out
  • Falling
  • What Do You Know
  • Evergreen

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    Matthew Sweet
    "Altered Beast"

    Classic Rock - If Matthew Sweet's music isn't already recognized, well, he should be. His fourth album of his career, Altered Beast gets the nod of approval for review this week. The album's title is based on the arcade game. The album cover was sold in five different colored versions (yellow, blue, green, orange, and purple). Featuring a dinosaur logo, this logo was to be of the Japanese delivery company Yamato Transport. Sweet was denied of using the logo, yet he described the actual dinosaur on the cover as a consolation prize.

    Matthew Sweet is one of those artists that although he may not be well-known, he rather should be. His music is definitely impressive, and can easily be well-liked from Rock fans. He has recorded music since 1983, and has a total of 15 studio albums, and an EP. Altered Beast was the follow-up to Girlfriend. (The title track "Girlfriend" is a classic song itself.)

    "Dinosaur Act" kicks the album off, and should be a song that could fit the "Classic Rock" format. Rock, and most likely, Alternative Rock, just maybe the classification for the next two tracks: "Devil With The Green Eyes," and "The Ugly Truth." "Time Capsule" slows the pace just a bit, but is still a very good song, just as the previous tracks already heard. This particular track has a late 1980s Pop sound. (Again, very good; as it reminds me of one of the many bands WSVNRadio promoted on its Hall of Fame Series, The JuJuBees.)

    "Someone To Pull The Trigger" is more acoustic, and has that Pop style as from the previous track. "Knowing People" returns to the more Rock style. "Life Without You" maybe a least favorite, compared to the other tracks. (R.E.M.?) And what is "Intro" ? It sounds like something from a TV show or movie, with spoken dialogue. But then "Ugly Truth Rock" kicks it back up again, just as "The Ugly Truth." "Do It Again" returns to the Alternative Rock style again. "In Too Deep" is Nirvana-ish. "Reaching Out" sounds just like its title - as it reaches out towards you, in the same Rock style as "Time Capsule." (Another impressive and good track.)

    More good music from this album, as the Alternative Rock flavored "Falling" keeps it on the upside. And more on the Pop flavor gets "What Do You Know." And lastly, "Evergreen" is on the acoustic side.

    A very impressive and well-done album, Matthew Sweet's "Altered Beast" has all the good Rock ingredients. Harder Rock, Classic, Acoustic, Pop. "Girlfriend" was the song I remembered that put him on the map. Altered Beast was the follow-up. Was this album better than "Girlfriend" ? Time will tell when we review that one.

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