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Melissa Etheridge

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Year of Release: 1999

track listing
  • Breakdown
  • Angels Would Fall
  • Stronger Than Me
  • Into The Dark
  • Enough Of Me
  • Truth Of The Heart
  • Mama I'm Strange
  • Scarecrow
  • How Would I Know
  • My Lover
  • Sleep

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    Melissa Etheridge

    Melissa Etheridge's sixth album of her career (second here on, 1999's Breakdown produced the softer side of her music. It's more of an Americana sounding album, yet overall it's Melissa Etheridge, and you really can't go wrong in enjoying her music. Breakdown is a fine, fine album, as it does have the softer side musically, yet her lyrics reveal dark, pain, and heartbreak. Breadown was the follow up to 1995's Your Little Secret. Melissa still proves, whether she rocks out her tunes, or slows it down, she is a true performer.

    Americana music style is heard throughout the album, as the title track leads off in this style. "Angels Would Fall" was the most-remembered hit single from the album. "Stronger Than Me" fits today's Country. (As she is far better than Taylor Swift, but this song has the Taylor Swift style when she [Taylor] THOUGHT she was a Country artist.)

    "Into The Dark" and "Enough Of Me" has the familiar Melissa, where it maybe a softer side soundwise, she still can belt it out, lyrically and with her powerful voice. "Truth Of The Heart" has the softer sound again, and she does sing beautifully, from her heart. Mama I'm Strange" is the familiar rockin' Melissa, of whom we remember her by. Likewise, "Scarecrow" is a bit more rocking, than that of a softer sound. (Yet it all fits with the entire album, as expected.)

    "How Would I Know" is just beautiful. The softer sounding just works perfectly. That softer sound keeps going, "My Lover" is another great tune. Ending the album is another good soft-sounder, "Sleep."

    Melissa Etheridge is just fantastic. If she's not in the Rock Hall of Fame, it's just a samll matter of time when she will be. She is just as great as Janis Joplin was. And that is a great compliment to compare to. Although we never did see how far Janis would have become, Melissa is still with us, and she keeps recording great music for us to enjoy. Breakdown is easily to be enjoyed. It's not as rocking as her previous (early) albums, but still, she's able to sing in a softer style, and yet, she is still a great singer, both musically and lyrically. If you haven't experienced her music, do so. Start with her first albums, and work your way upward. Melissa Etheridge is a legend, she is a great singer, she's a (future) Hall of Famer.

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