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T. Graham Brown
"Bumper To Bumper"

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Year of Release: 1990

track listing
  • Moonshadow Road
  • You Can't Make Her
    Love You
  • I'm Expecting Miracles
  • If You Could Only
    See Me Now
  • I'm Sending One
    Up For You
  • I've Been Loving You
    Too Long
  • Eyes Wide Open
  • Bring A Change
  • N;ies Of The Month Club
  • For Real
  • We Tote The Note

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    Matthew Sweet--Altered Beast
    T. Graham Brown
    "Bumper To Bumper"

    T. Graham Brown is a Country singer, where most may not remember him as well as other well-known Country singers. He had #1 Country hits in the 1980s. His Super Hits compilation contained all his #1 songs. His voice was not just Country, but soulful. I had discovered much later that his Super Hits was his hits RE-RECORDED. I had never known any of his popular songs, as I discovered him, in my research of Country's #1 songs. I would have never guessed they were remakes. Yet when I did discover his ORIGINAL recordings, the remakes were just as good. And after hearing his remade hits, I wanted to hear more. His #1 hits were in the late 1980s. His popular hits were from his first 3 albums, which were released from 1986 to 1988. The 1990s decade did not accomplish any #1 Country hits for him, but his music should not be overlooked. His first album of the 1990s decade is this week's review, and his debut here on WSVNRadio. His 1990 release, Bumper To Bumper album has T. Graham Brown singing more of a soulful R&B singer. This music may or may not be classified as "Country," but still, this is an album that should be listened to, and enjoyed.

    And as I listen to this (great) album, I can easily compare Brown to another soulful (white) singer, Wayne Cochran. Brown's "roughness vocal" is another highlight, and it's full of rich soul, just as Cochran did.

    The album leads off with a very good and soulful track, "Moonshadow Road." I can't but hear in the chorus of this song, another tune -- that from the soundtrack of Eddie And The Cruisers, "Tender Years" (John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band). "You Can't Make Her Love You" keeps it going, as it is another good track. "I'm Expecting Miracles" is a somewhat ballad, as it slows down the pace a bit, and yes, it's another good track, as this albums keeps rolling, in a great Soul/R&B way.

    "If You Could Only See Me Now" keeps it going, more good Soul/R&B. "I'm Sending One Up For You" is in the same style as "I'm Expecting Miracles." Then there's the Wayne Cochran comparison on the Otis Redding classic, "I've Been Lovng You Too Long."

    More good and soulful for "Eyes Wide Open," and more on the otis side on "Bring A Change."

    Then there's another (big) comparison to another great blues artist, Joe Cocker. Blues at is finest on "Blues Of The Month Club." And when you hear it, "BLUES" it is as if Joe Cocker would sing this tune. The last two tracks are also compared to Joe, the soulful "For Real," and "We Tote The Note."

    T. Graham Brown's Bumper To Bumper is more of a Soul/R&B album. His soulfulness is a must to listen to, and enjoy. His comparisons to the likes of Wayne Cochran and Joe Cocker will make any fan of theirs (and the Blues in general) eager to give T. Graham Browns's music a try. It is well worth it. More of his music will be reviewed here, as he is truly an artist than just meybe overlooked, but give his music a listen. If you enjoy Soul music and R&B, T. Graham Brown is the choice.

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    Matthew Sweet--Altered Beast