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Year of Release: 2005

track listing
  • Main Title/Cinderella
  • A Dream Is A Wish Your
    Heart Makes
  • A Visitor/
    Caught In A Trap/
    Feed The Chickens
    Is Served/
    Time Is On
    Our Hands
  • The King's Plan
  • The Music Lesson/
    Oh Sing Sweet
    Bad Boy Lucifier/
    A Message From
    His Majesty
  • Little Dressmakers/
    The Work Song/
    Scavenger Hunt/
    A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes/
    The Dress/
    My Beads/
    Escape To
    The Garden
  • Where Did I
    Put That Thing/
  • Reception At The Palace/
    So This Is Love
  • The Stroke Of Midnight/
    Thank You
    Fairy Godmother
  • Locked In The Tower/
    Gus And Jaq
    To The Rescue/
    Slipper Fittings/
    Cinderella's Slipper/
  • I'm In The Middle Of
    A Muddle
    (Demo Recording)
  • Dancing On A Cloud
    (Demo Recording)
  • Beautiful--
    Jim Brickman &
    Wayne Brady
  • A Dream Is A Wish Your
    Heart Makes--
    Kimberley Locke

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    In 2005, the Walt Disney classic soundtrack of Cinderella was reissued. The original was from 1950, as it was a #1 album on the Billboard Albums Chart. It spent two weeks at the top, and has become a Disney fan favorite for children of all ages.

    By 1948, Disney movies such as Pinocchio, Fantasia, and Bambi had bombed at the box office, and was just to declare bankruptcy. (Although these movies would later become more popular in re-releases and home video.) Walt Disney and his animators therefore developed Cinderella, and would become a huge hit, and would become as popular and famous as their previous smash at the box office, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937). Ever since 1950, Cinderella has been a major hit, being remade, in both cartoons and live action movies. Cinderella has even been popular on the stage, in plays and musicals.

    As for the soundtrack, it is just equally exceptional. Sounding more in the Classical music stage, the soundtrack easily fits into a warm atmosphere, and while listening, you can easily envision the movie as the music plays.

    The cast included many, yet only one name stood out for myself, recognizing him, as I used to watch his television talk show as I was younger. And that was Mike Douglas. He was the singing voice of Prince Charming. The other characters were live-action reference, voice and singer. Helene Stanley was the live-reference of Cinderella, where the voice and singer was Ilene Woods. She would provide her singing voice to the movie's hit song, "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes." (For the 2004 Special Edition soundtrack, American Idol alumni Kimberley Locke provided the more recent version.)

    There were 11 original tracks from the 1950 soundtrack: "Cinderella (Main Title)," "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes," "A Visitor/Caught In A Trap/Lucifer/Feed The Chickens/Breakfast Is Served/Time On Our Hands," "The King's Plan," "The Music Lesson/Oh Sing Sweet Nightingale/Bad Boy Lucifer/A Message From His Majesty," "Little Dressmakers/The Work Song/Scavenger Hunt/A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes/The Dress/My Beads/Escape To The Garden," "Where Did I Put That Thing/Bibbbidi-Bobbbidi-Boo," "Reception At The Palace/So This Is Love," "The Stroke Of Midnight/Thank You Fairy Godmother," "Locked In The Tower/Gus And Jaq To The Rescue/Slipper Fittings/Cinderella's Slipper/Finale" and "I'm In The Middle Of A Muddle" (Demo Recording). The 2005 Special Edition includes two new recorded songs: Jim Brickman featuring Wayne Brady -- "Beautiful" and Kimberley Locke's version of "A Dream Is What Your Heart Makes." The Big Band style is great on the novelty-sounding "I'm In The Middle Of A Muddle" (Demo Recording). Likewise, the standard Big Band style is heard on the demo recording of "Dancing On A Cloud."

    The 1950 soundtrack of Disney's "Cinderella" is just beautiful. Beautifully crafted music, easily fitting Classical. In 2012, a Collector's Edition soundtrack was released, and in 2012, a limited edition music box set. As for the movie, it was re-released in 1957, 1965, 1973, 1981 and 1987. Limited theatre engagements were played in select Cinemark Theatres for two days, February 16-18, in 2013. As beautiful as the music was, it would be easily exceptional watching Cinderella on the big screen.

    Relive the music -- Relive the movie -- Walt Disney's Cinderella is a classic. For over 50 years, it is still a childhood favorite. Not just for children young at age, for those young children who enjoyed it then, and still enjoying in their adult lives. And of course, for those children who are children now. Cinderella is for old and young alike. And will be still enjoyed through the young children's adult lives. And for the future old and young children for many generations to come.

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