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"Dancin' On The Boulevard"

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Year of Release: 1997

track listing
  • Dancin' Shaggin'
    On The Boulevard
  • Sad Lookin' Moon
  • Anytime (I'm Your Man)
  • She's Got That Look
    In Her Eyes
  • My Girl
  • Of Course I'm Alright
  • I Couldn't Say No
  • Is The Magic Still There
  • Calling All Angels
  • Hey Baby
  • One More Time Around

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    Glen Campbell--Gentle On My Mind
    "Dancin' On The Boulevard"

    From our Goodwill Collection... The thrill I get, when I browse through the Goodwill stores in our area, are the used CDs. Most of them are by bands and artists I have never heard of. (For the cost of $1.49 each, and half-off of your purchases every other Saturday, it's not a risk if any of the not-so-well-known artist cds are actually BAD, or not -- Like this one, which was actually a GOOD album: Institute--Distort Yourself.) Another perk is having your smartphone, so you can look up these unknown bands, and see what kind of artist/band they are. Especially those, where bandmembers were from other popular bands (like the Institute band review), and/or just reading what kind of music they recorded. Another genre I have found alot of at Goodwill, is Classical cds, and there is quite an array of Christian music. And, if you're lucky, you get to see some well-known artists with their lesser-known albums. This is the case of Alabama's 1997 release, Dancin' On The Boulevard. Alabama, of course, is one of Country's greatest talent. In 1997, pretty much their heyday in popular Country songs were passed. Not to say, there were 4 hits from this release - "Sad Lookin' Moon," "Dancin', Shaggin' On The Boulevard," "Of Course I'm Alright" "She's Got That Look In Her Eyes." They were songs that most would not remember them as compared to their 1980s well-known hits. But, they are Alabama, so this album can't be bad. And, actually, it's not bad at all; it's quite good, as Alabama has always been productive, and has always recorded great Country songs.

    The album begins with one of the four hits - "Dancin', Shaggin' On The Boulevard." It's a little bit Country, a little bit Pop. More in the Country direction of Brooks & Dunn, yet it's possible by the late 1990s, Country was turning towards a more Pop sound. It's a good song, regardless. The rest of the album is definitely Country, only as Alabama can provide. "Sad Lookin' Moon" was another hit, as the distinctive voice of Randy Owen makes it Country. "Anytime (I'm Your Man)" is a nice soft ballad, and it works very well; it sounds Country, and this song could have easily been a hit.

    Another good Alabama Country song is the next track, "She's Got That Look In Her Eyes" -- as the title simply defines a song in the Country style, and it was another hit from this album. The Temptations' "My Girl" gets the remake treatment by Alabama, yet it's not The Temtpations, but Alabama does a good job on this classic Motown hit. Another hit was "Of Course I'm Alright," another great Alabama Country ballad. "I Just Couldn't Say No" is another good song, as it could have easily been recorded by Brooks & Dunn (who were popular during this time, in the late 1990s).fs And just like any other Alabama song, "Is The Magic Still There" is good; it's Country, and yes, Alabama still has that magic.

    "Calling All Angels" just maybe a little lesser than the other songs here, but it kicks in later in the song. It's good also, but maybe not as those as the other songs on the album. Randy Owen's voice has a grit, he (and the band) are geting older, but that doesn't mean they don't have it - they do, but there's always some songs that are better than others. Alabama puts their own touch on the Bruce Channel hit, "Hey! Baby." Giving it their own makes it a good remake, as it's always a treat to hear bands that record popular older hits of a different genre. Rock and Roll vs. Country. Ending the album is "One More Time Around," definitely one of those Country songs that could be used at line dances.

    Alabama's later release of Dancin' On The Boulevard still has the Alabama magic. Not only that, they have recorded Christian/Gospel music. Such as this one: Songs Of Inspiration II. Dancin' On The Boulevard wasn't as popular as their 1980s albums, but they have always recorded good music throughout their entire career. As any Alabama album (popular and later) can easily get the radio airplay. The songs on Dancin' never gets tiring. Alabama is a great band. They are Country, and they still have the magic.

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    Bill Cosby--Silver Throat - Bill Cosby Sings
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    Glen Campbell--Gentle On My Mind