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Year of Release: 2005

track listing
  • Come Go With Me
  • Let Me Be The One
  • Exposed To Love
  • Seasons Change
  • Extra Extra
  • Point Of No Return
  • Love Is Our Destiny
  • I Know You Know
  • You're The One I Need
  • December

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    Ricky Martin--Sound Loaded

    Expose was popular from 1984 to 1993, and achieved a #1 song on Billboard -- "Seasons Change." The trio consisted of Jeanette Jurado, Ann Curless, and Gioia Bruno. Exposure contained the #1 song, along with other hits, such as "Come Go With Me," and "Point Of No Return," of which this song I did remember hearing on the radio.

    Exposure represents the '80s/'90s dance Pop style. Actually, "Seasons Change" is really the only ballad on the album. The others are very easily compared to the dance Pop of Madonna, preferably from her album/soundtrack Who's That Girl. If this Dance Pop is your thing, then Exposure is to be more enjoyed.

    The Madonna'ish tunes are all here, with the exception of "Seasons Change." (This ballad is probably the best track on this album; as the "Madonna'ish" tunes are all basically sounding the same. However, the last track, "December" is quite different, in comparing the previous Madonna-sounding tracks. "December" has a more experimental sound, yet it does match the Pop style of the '80s and '90s.

    Expose released three albums, Exposure was their first album. What You Don't Know (1989) and Exposé in 1992. Their 1992 was more on the Adult Contemporary side, as "I'll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me" reached #1 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart. Likewise, "Seasons Change" also reached #1 on this chart previusly, in 1987.

    During the recording of their album Exposure, the personnel of Expose had changed: According to People magazine, one of the singers had quit, while the other two were fired. Billboard reported all three were fired. Their record label, Arista, felt they had lacked star potential. Sandra "Sandee" Casanas, Alejandra "Ale" Lorenzo and Laurie Miller became were to become the "new" Exposure, but they were later replaced by original members Jeanette Jurado and Gioia Bruno. Jurado, Bruno, and Curless would be the "original" Expose, for their first album.

    In 1990, Bruno began experiencing throat problems, and eventually would lose her voice. She was replaced by Kelly Moneymaker in 1992. (The original lineup of Exposure had recorded their second album, released in 1989, What You Don't Know. Expose's third album was release in 1992, Expos%#233; as the Expose lineup consisted of Ann Curless, Jeannet Jurado, and Kelly Moneymaker.

    In 1995, the group was dropped by their record label, Arista. The trio disbanded as well, and pursued solo projects. Since then, various Greatest Hits compilations have been released. Jeannette Jurado performed on stage and was vocalist in contemporary jazz (Nils and Safe Sax). Moneymaker released two solo albums. Ann Curless was a songwriter and providing her vocals for club-dance projects, and was a teacher in music and the music business. Both Jurado and Curless married, and had children, as they temporarily retired from performing. Gioia Bruno recovered from a throat tumor, and started singing again. After briefly joining the band Wet, she pursued a solo career, mostly recording dance-oriented material.

    In 2003, the lineup of Curless, Jurado, and Moneymaker reunited briefly for a reunion concert at the Mid State Fair in Paso Robles, California. Although there was the desire to perform more shows, they were unable to get things active at that time. In 2006, Jurado had signed with a major booking agency. Bruno rejoined Expose, being 15 years since she had been with the group. Moneymaker would be an honorary member, when she was needed and available. In 2006, Expose went on tour. In 2010, they informed fans that they were working on a new album. A 2011 version of their hit, "Point Of No Return" was released, and a Christmas single, "I Believe In Christmas (Like It Used To Be)" was released. Proceeds of the single went to the Wounded Warrior Project. In 2012, they released an independent single,

    Despite Bruno's throat condition, and a 2007 licensing agreement lawsuit, Expose has returned to performing. Their debut album has been re-issued, in 2015. A 2-disc set, containing the original album tracks, and extended versions, and crossover remixes. Expose is Dance Pop, and for those who enjoy this kind of music, (early Madonna as well), their music is quite enjoyable. This kind of music is either a hit-or-miss. "Seasons Change" in my opinion, is the best track on their debut album. The others sound Madonna'ish; however they blend well with this styled sound. By their third album, they had moved to Adult Contemporary, I'm curious to hear this album, as it just maybe better than the debut album, or just another "hit-or-miss." (To be continued, on that thought...)

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    Ricky Martin--Sound Loaded