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Glen Campbell
"Gentle On My Mind"

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Year of Release: 1967

track listing
  • Gentle On My Mind
  • Catch The Wind
  • It's Over
  • Bowling Green
  • Just Another Man
  • You're My World
  • The World I
    Used To Know
  • Without Her
  • Mary In The Morning
  • Love Me As Though
    There Were
    No Tomorrow
  • Cryin'

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    Glen Campbell
    "Gentle On My Mind"

    Glen Campbell passed away on August 8, 2017 from Alzheimer's, as He left behind a great legacy of not just being a Country and Rock singer, but an accomplished musician. He was part of studio musicians, called The Wrecking Crew. The were "the band" that appeared on many popular recordings from the 1960s and 1970s. Their work with many popular artists include: Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass, The Beach Boys, Jan & Dean, Dear Martin, The Righteous Brothers, Johnny Rivers, The Byrds, Frank SInatra, Nancy Sinatra, and many others. Glen Campbell was also playing guitar for the Beach Boys. (If you've seen pictures of him in his early years, he could easily have become a permanent member of the Beach Boys. He had the look, and he could play guitar, and sing.) Gentle On My Mind provided the album's title track as one of his most popular hits. The rest of the album may not have songs that were of well remembered, but it does have a unique style of greatness in music. A very impressive album, it's not exactly Country, but then again it is - meaning that the Country style of such artists as Waylon, Willie, Johnny, Merle are not compared here. Yet it's Glen Campbell, in his own particular style. It fits the Country format, and the soft style of Rock. By 1967, music was changing once again, as Rock was pointing into a psychedelic era. Listening to Gentle On My Mind 50 years later, this album would fit into another category of music, that would become even more popular in the 1970s and beyond, Easy Listening / Adult Contemporary.

    "Catch The Wind" is more of the soft Rock style, where "Bowling Green" has more of a 1960s Rock sound. Glen Campbell's version of Roy Orbison's "It's Over" is different than the original, giving it towards Glen's own Country/Pop Rock style. "Just Another Man" also crosses the Country line, in his own particular style again. "You're My World" is more of an Easy Listening styled song. In fact, this particular genre is compared to for many of the songs on this album. Yet "You're My World" is definite;y fitting "Easy Listening" than any of the others.

    "The World I Used To Know" continues the soft-Counry / Easy Listening style of Glen Campbell. "Without Her" is more like a soft ballad, yet it's another great song. "Mary In The Morning," "Love Me As Though There Were No Tomorrow -- more great soft-Country songs. Ending the album is another Roy Orbison classic, "Cryin'" done in Glen's own great way.

    Gentle On My Mind is a great album, done in a great style. It's Country, soft-Country, soft-Rock, Easy Listening, Adult Contemporary. Maybe this album was ahead of its time. It still has a great sound, and brings greatness listening to it, decades later. Glen Campbell is no longer with us, yet we can still enjoy his music for many future decades to come. His original albums are worth listening and looking into, as we will review more of his albums, as many of them reached the #1 position on Billboard's Country Albums chart.

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