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Jimmy Buffett
"Hot Water"

© MCA Records

Year of Release: 1998

track listing
  • Homemade Music
  • Baby's Gone Shoppin'
  • Bring Back The Magic
  • My Barracuda
  • L'Air De La Louisiane
  • Prince Of Tides
  • Pre-You
  • King Of Somewhere Hot
  • Great Heart
  • Smart Woman
    (In A Red Short Skirt)
  • That's What Living
    Is To Me

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    Jimmy Buffett
    "Hot Water"

    JImmy Buffett returns this week, with his 1988 release, Hot Water. He had shaved off his mustache for this album, and with a different look, the album starts out in a very different style than that for those who are familiar with his music. Then the second song is heard, and it also is different. Both of these songs are in a Blues style. Jimmy Buffett sings the Blues? Not exactly, The first two songs certainly throws you off-guard. And to be honest, Buffett handles the Blues style pretty well.

    Opening the album is "Homemade Music." If you're already familiar with his music, this song has you thinking, "This is way different than the typical musical style we're familiar with." True. Very true. The same is for the next track, "Baby's Gone Shoppin'" Both these songs are more of a Blues flavor. And now you're thinking, is this an all-Blues album? The answer is No.

    However, "Bring Back The Magic" is a slower-styled song, and it does sound like any song you would expect from a Jimmy Buffett album. Rita Coolidge is a guest vocalist on this track. Then "My Barracuda" returns, back to the Blues style as heard from the first two tracks.

    "L'Air De La Louisiane" is another slower styled song, and similar to the typical Jimmy Buffett style, as heard on "Bring Back The Magic." "Prince Of Tides" starts out as a "talking song," where Buffett is no stranger to this kind of song. Yet it kicks into the "yes, this is the Jimmy Buffett style we've known all along..." : Upbeat, tropical styled. It evens segues into the classic "Save The Last Dance For Me." "Pre-You" sounds more like Jazz, and it works well - Very different (again) than your typical (tropical) Jimmy Buffett.

    But "King Of Somewhere Hot" just maybe the least-favorite track. It just really didn't impress me. Maybe it sounds more of a lounge act track. Yet it does sound like a tropical beach tune, which is nothing different from Buffett. Maybe it is a different sound (lounge) for Buffett, just as the Blues styled tracks.

    "Great Heart" jumps out as another tropical-styled song, and way better than "King Of Somewhere Hot." (Somehow, as I listen to this song, it is sounding [slightly] like Billy Ocean's "When The Going Gets Tough.") "Smart Woman (In A Real Short Skirt)" -- with a title like this, this would be your common Jimmy Buffett styled song. Correct. "That's What Living Is To Me" ends the album on a nice, happy note. A very nice tune, in a good Jimmy Buffett style.

    Hot Water is a good album. It is different than the other ommon Jimmy Buffett tropical-styled albums. Each song has a different approach, in its own way. Also to mention, Jimmy Buffett had a lot of well-known musicians helping out on this album: Steve Winwood, Donald "Duck" Dunn, Marcus Miller, Timothy B. Schmidt, Grover Washington Jr., The Neville Brothers: Art and Aaron, and Cyril Neville, James Taylor, Rita Coolidge.

    For any Jimmy Buffett true fan, Hot Water is another good album to listen to. Just as any relaxing album (by the beach, recommended). I was visiting the Goodwill store, and lo and behond, there were alot of Jimmy Buffett albums available there. Jimmy Buffett is no stranger to our site, in reviewing his albums. More of his albums to be reviewed are on the way. I have yet to hear a bad Jimmy Buffett album. Let's hope to continue that, as we reviewing more of his music.

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