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Drene Ivy

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Year of Release: 2001

track listing
  • He Leadeth Me
  • Great Is Thy Faithfulness
  • Just As I Am (Medley)
  • Angel
  • Paradise
  • My Hope Is Built
  • As The Deer
  • More Love To Thee
  • Meditation
  • Arabian Dance
  • Spirit Of God
  • In The Morning
  • I Must Tell Jesus
  • Dancin' In The Spirit
  • We Have Come
    In This House
  • Song Of The New Heaven

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    Cindy Bradley--Unscripted
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    Drene Ivy

    Drene Ivy is one of the many independent artists we have featured in our WSVNRadio Hall of Fame Series. He appeard on Volume 13, with his track, "Emmanuel."
    From the Drene Ivy Bio Page: Dren Ivy began playing the piano at the age of 4 at the age of 5; he was skillfully playing classical compositions by Beethoven. He studied piano techniques and theory at the Cleveland Music School Settlement and studied classical music at the Cleveland Institute of Music. While still a junior in high school, he was awarded a Scholarship to Durham College in North Carolina where he studied percussion and composition and was a student at the Eastern Music Festival Youth Orchestra in which he skillfully played the timpani (kettledrum). He also studied music at Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland, OH. By the age of 21, he had performed on six albums. Drene Ivy served as musician for many years at his home church, Penetocostal Church of Christ, where his gifted musical skills were honed. He was inspired by his pastor, the late Bishop Charles Watkins to pursue his talent in the contemporary music realm. (Read more of his bio here.)

    He has released three albums, all in the Spiritual/Contemporary Gospel faith: With These Hands, Paradise and We Reverence Your Name. Mr. Ivy sent all of these albums to us, and this week, he debuts with his 2004 release, Paradise. (All of these releases can be found on his CDbaby page.) Paradise is a beautiful album of instrumentals, more on the Jazz style.

    The album begins with a beautiful and upbeat Jazz track, "He Leadeth Me." The piano stands out on another upbeat Jazz number, "Angel." "Great Is Thy Faithfulness" is more on the smooth jazz side, and/or New Age Jazz -- Beautiful. And speaing of beautiful, the piano is the focus of many songs here, and it is just beautiful -- "Just As I Am (Medley)," "Paradise." And on the New Age side again, there's "My Hope Is Built."

    Beautiful, Piano, we even add Jazz. Beautiful Jazz is on "As The Deer," likewise, on "More Love To Thee," "Spirit Of God," and "We Have Come In This House." Another piano genius is preferably my favorite keyboardist of all time, Rick Wakeman. Wakeman gets the comparison on "I Must Tell Jesus."

    The remaining titles are more upbeat, and a good upbeat to mention. "Meditation" is moderate upbeat, and quite good. Then there's the really, (and I do mean really, really) upbeat! -- "In The Morning." "Dancin' In The Spirit" proves the dancing part, and upbeat as mentioned. More on the upbeat is the ending track, "Song Of The New Heaven."

    Beautiful music is definitely heard on Drene Ivy's Paradise. It's title simply defines it. Jazz, New Age Jazz, Smooth Jazz, even Classical. Also to mention World Music, on "Arabian Dance." A break from the common music we are used to, Drene Ivy takes us to a Paradise to be truly enjoyed by relaxing, beautiful (and upbeat) music. Although instrumental, the spiritual and contemporary Gospel titles makes the album even more enjoyable, and uplifting, as the Christian/Gospel music entitles to. WSVNRadio is proud to have Drene Ivy in its Hall of Fame family. Thank you, for providing us your talent, Mr. Drene Ivy, as we look forward in reviewing your other albums. Visit his website, at

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    Previous Review: #1620
    Cindy Bradley--Unscripted
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