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Alabama Shakes
"Sound And Color"

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Year of Release: 2015

track listing
  • Sound And Color
  • Don't Wanna Fight
  • Dunes
  • Future People
  • Gimme All Your Love
  • This Feeling
  • Guess Who
  • The Greatest
  • Shoegaze
  • Miss You
  • Gemini
  • Over My Head

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    Alabama Shakes
    "Sound And Color"

    It sure is nice to see a album reach #1 on the Billboard albums chart, rather than the regular rap and hip hop. Back in 2015, this happened. Blues ROck band Alabama Shakes reached the top spot, in May of 2015, with the second album of their career, Sound And Color. Surprisingly, this album did not reach #1 on Billboard's Blues Albums chart. Sound And Color debuted at #1, won four Grammy awards (nominated for six). The awards won: Best Alternative Music Album, Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical, Best Rock Performance, and Best Rock Song ("Don't Wanna Fight." Bandmembers Brittany Howard (lead singer/guitarist), Heath Fogg (Bass), and Zac Cockrell (drums) rose to the top, with their distinctive and soulful roots rock sound. Labeled as a blues rock band, their sound is more on the Rock side, as their music fits Blues, yet more on Rock.

    How did they get their name? When the band was negotiating a record deal with ATO, Joseph Hicks of Halo Stereo noticed how many bands had the name "The Shakes." "Alabama" was then added.

    More on the Rock side defines Sound And Color's first four tracks - "Sound And Color," "Don't Wanna Fight," "Dunes," "Future People." But on "Gimme All Your Love" it definitely has the Blues (and Soul) feel, with it's crashing Rock touches. "This Feeling" is more Soulful, and even has it's sound as a song that the late Prince would have recorded. (Brittany Howard's voice sounds almost close to that of Prince.) "Guess Who" could also pass as an early Prince soul/rock track. Hard rock has it's style all over the next track, "The Greatest." "Shoegaze" sounds like a song that the late David Bowie could have recorded. Brittany Howard's voice doesn't resemble Bowie's vocals, yet the song's style could have been Bowie's.

    Soulful Blues returns with "Miss You." This musical style definitely works for this band; ie: "This Feeling," "Guess Who" The same can be said for the soulful Rock track, "Gemini." Ending the album, is "OVer My Head," as it is probably the most peaceful, laid-back track on the album. A great way to end this album, with its great Rock, Soul, and Blues.

    Alabama Shakes' Sound And Color was a breath of fresh air for the everyday music normally heard back in 2015 (rap and hip-hop). This album is a must, as it definitely has its own Sound and Color. All the sounds of Rock, Soul, Blues, blending into great "colors" in texture sounds of musical styles.

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