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Year of Release: 1995

track listing
  • Hardened Nights
  • On With The Fight
  • If You Believe
  • Harmony
  • Prayer For The Children
  • In America
  • Jacque Remembers
  • Somebody Told Me
    You Were Crying
  • Let's Fall In Love
    (All Over Again)
  • Runnin' Out Of Time

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    Christian band Allies marks their debut here on WSVNRadio, with the second album of their career, Virtues (1985). The band's most popular member, was Bob Carlisle, who would later become popular as a solo artist, with "Butterfly Kisses." Virtues is a powerful album, having the sound of most bands popular from the 1980s. In comparing one, it would be Survivor. Bob Carlisle's voice is younger, and as a great singer he was in Allies, his voice would become more popular with his solo career. Not just "Butterfly Kisses" which would be his famous, but his other solo albums -- Click here a review of one of them, Stories From The Heart.

    Virtues does have great, powerful Christian tunes. All of them are powerful sounding tracks, even theb ballads. "Hardened Hearts" and "On With The Fight" are powerful, Survivor'ish tunes. "If You Believe" starts out sounding more like a ballad, yet it kicks into another powerful track, just as the previous two. "Harmony" is just as good. The background singers of children makes the next track, a ballad, entitled "Prayer For The Children." Then there's the powerful, rocking "In America," as it has a more rocking style than the others. "Jacque Remembers" is also another powerful bomb.

    Two ballads follow next, the great acoustic "Somebody Told Me Crying," and "Let's Fall In Love (All Over Again)." Ending the album is "Runnin' Out Of Time," and yes, it is another powerful rock track.

    Virtues by Allies compares more to the band Survivor, as that particular band was truly one of my favorite bands of the 1980s. Allies wasn't a common name in Rock, yet they were popular in Christian music. And after listening to this album, it's a wonder why they couldn't have crossed over to the Rock bands list of the 1980s, even with their Christian themes. However, Bob Carlisle was the standout of the band, as he would later become a popular solo artist. From my Stories Of The Heart review: If you're looking for an incredible voice, and have an interest in Christian music, Bob Carlisle's music is worth looking into. Despite he may not be as popular in Christian music as other male voices, such as Steven Curtis Chapman, or Michael W. Smith to name a few, being popular should not be a factor in enjoying good, powerful, uplifting Christian music. Bob Carlisle has released five solo studio albums. His "Butterfly Kisses" song became a huge crossover hit, and it won him awards. From my Stories review again: With only that particular song for his awards, his other albums should be of equal brilliance, as Bob Carlisle should be one of Christian's most popular artists to listen to. Add his band Allies also; they recorded six studio albums (1985-1992).

    More of Allies'and Bob Carliisle's albums will be highlighted here again, and I'm sure they will be equally excellent as Stories From The Heart and Virtues.

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    Van Morrison Georgie Fame Mose Allison Ben Sidran--Tell Me Something: The Songs Of Mose Allison
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