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Year of Release: 2012

track listing
  • Self-Starter
  • Little Tyrants
  • Other Side
  • Someone Anyone
  • Intentions
  • Innocent
  • Desires
  • Type Three
  • Orpheum
  • Modern Age
  • God Drugs And Sex

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    Anberlin debuts this week, with their #1 album, Vitals, from 2012. They are an Alternative (Christan) Rock band. Having a more heavier sound than most Christian acts, they have achieved a total of four #1 albums on the Billboard Christian Albums chart. Alternative Rock definitely defines them. And their hard rock (alternative) sound is definitely good.

    "Self-Starter, "Little Tyrants" definitely grabs your attention, as they just plain Rock. The next track, "Other Side" slows the pace down a bit (noth much though) in the beginning, but still, it is a very good track, and, like the first two tracks, it kicks into Rock gear, then back to the slow pace. All good."Self-Starter" was the second single from the album, as the the first single was "Someone Anyone." It is just as fast, and hard-driving as the first two tracks. And just like "Other Side," not much on the slowing down the pace much, but "Intentions" is another well-done track. All the songs are evenly blending together.

    There has to be one song to really slow the pace at this point, and "Innocent" is it. It easily fits the Christian Rock format, with songs from this genre having a nice, even flow. Not drastically hard-driving Rock; "Innocent" is simply a great, beautiful song, just as it's title. Then it's back to Alternative Rock, "Desires." Alternative Rock, Rock and Roll, baby.

    There's another nice, easy-paced track -- "Type Three." More of a "Alternative Rock ballad" -- it would fit the Alternative Rock format, rather than Christian ROck. starts with a soft piano, but leads into another hard-driven Alternate Rock track. More hard-driving Alternative Rock is heard on the next track, "Modern Age." Ending the album, is It's another nice, easy-paced track, yet it ends as a more defining Alterntative Rock anthem sound.

    Anberlin is more of an Alternative Rock (Hard Rock) band, than the standard Christian Rock. They can easily fit the regular Alternative Rock formats. This band has great music, and Vital is a very good album. It rocks. It jams. It's a great album for the harder rock fans, and Alternative Rock fans in general. They are not a Hardcore Christian bands, such as Norma Jean, and Underoath, to name a few. The band's name was created by lead vocalist Stephen Christian: If he ever had a daughter (no one in the band were married or had kids), he would name her Anberlin. He also stated that when thinking of cities, such as London, Paris, and Berlin. "And Berlin" -- "Anberlin." Another (made up) story, was how Christian's grandfather had saved a little girl in World War II. Her name was Anberlin. Another (made up) story was that they had hit a dog, named Anberlin. As more of these made up stories became known, they decided to go back to the original idea of the band's name. The REAL origin of the band's name, came from Christian's favorite band, Radiohead, and their song "Everything In Its Right Place," from their album Kid A. There was background noise in this song, and Radiohead's lead sing,er Thom Yorke, is singing, trying to say it sounded like "Anberlin." Christian thought that that would be a good name for a band, and therefore, the band's name Anberlin was born.

    As with most Christian bands, Anberline has been characterized as a Christian rock band. However, in most cases, especially when bands have a more harder rock sound, bands such as Anberlin do not reflect themselves being an actual Christian band. Quote from Stephen Christian: "I think we're categorized like that a lot because we're on (the record label) Tooth & Nail Records, which, years ago, was known as a Christian label and never lost that reputation. I don't care who listens to our records. If it helps people in whatever circumstances they're in, that's amazing, but I don't classify us as a Christian band. [My faith] affects every single aspect of my life, but I'm not a preacher, I am an entertainer." Like all Christian classified bands and artists, their lyrics are of the Chrisian faith and its references. Some of Anberlin's songs do have this, as they have been included on Christian music charts (Four #1 albums), and they participate in Christan Rock festivals. LIkewise, their songs are on Christian compilaitons, and Christian Rock radio formats.

    And in just a coincidence -- the band's lead singer's last name is Christian... Having themselves labeled as a "Christian Rock band" is a plus. There are in fact, many Christian acts out there, that are just as fantastic as the popular Pop/Rock/Country (etc.) artists. Anberlin's Vital is a great Rock album to listen to. Anberlin is a band worth checking out, and there will be more Anberlin albums to review here. For the Alternative Rock fans in general, they will enjoy this album, and include it with their other well-liked Alternative Rock artists.

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