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Joe Bonamassa
"An Acoustic Evening At The Vienna Opera House"

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Year of Release: 2013

track listing
  • Arrival
  • Palm Trees Helicopters And
  • Jelly Roll
  • Dust Bowl
  • Around The Bend
  • Slow Train
  • Athens To Athens
  • From The Valley
  • The Ballad Of John Henry
  • Dislocated Boy
  • Diving Towards
    The Daylight
  • High Water Everywhere
  • Jockey Full Of Bourbon
  • Richmond US
  • Stones In My Passway
  • Ball Peen Hammer
  • Black Lung Heartache
  • Mountain Time
  • Woke Up Dreaming
  • Sloe Gin
  • Seagull

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    Joe Bonamassa
    "An Acoustic Evening At The Vienna Opera House"

    Joe Bonamassa marks his debut here on WSVNRadio, with a live album, An Acoustic Evening At The Vienna Opera House, released in 2013. Bonamassa has achieved being one of Rock and Blues greatest guitar players. A live performances catches the excitement, energy, and greatness in becoming a great guitarist. Each song shines here from this concert, as this concert is more on the acoustic guitar side, sort of like an "unplugged" concert.

    Disc One begins with a instrumental, classical-sounding, "Arrival." "Palm Trees, Helicopters And Gasoline" is also another instrumental, with great acoustic guitar work. "Dust Bowl" also has great acoustic guitar, and Joe's vocals. "Dust Bowl" has an almost-John Lennon solo, as in his song, "Working Class Hero." Things wind down, with "Around The Bend," and it's all for the good. "Slow Train" sounds just like it's title -- A slow train moving along, in great speed. "Athens To Athens" is on the Bluegrass side, a different approach than the Rock and Blues from Bonamassa. All good.

    "From The Valley" showcases Bonamassa at acoustic guitar blues, or is it acoustic bluegrass? Either way, it's greatness, just Joe and his acoustic guitar. This continues into the next track, "The Ballad Of John Henry," with vocals. It keeps going, with "Dislocated Boy" -- the acoustic blues just gets better. Disc One ends with another great wind-down track, Driving Towards The Daylight."

    Disc Two: Let's play some Blues, shall we? As Joe says, "High Water Everywhere" has the Blues all over it, acoustic style. "Jockey Full Of Bourbon" takes us back to ragtime, mixed with the acoustic blues. And it's done extremely well. "Richmond US" is another great wind-down track, another one! "Stones In My Passway" is another great acoustic blues-driven tune; almost like a song from the Rolling Stones' Beggars Banquet. "Ball Peen Hammer" is another wind-down, in the style you would hear from the Allman Brothers Band. And "Black Lung Heartache" could be another song that the Allman Brothers could have recorded also. "Mountain Time" -- another smooth sailing ride.

    Joe's acoustic pickin is as fast as lightning, on "Woke Up Dreaming", sounding Spanish-like. Yet it drives into more fast picking, as Joe shows how talented he is at the acoustic guitar, and his vocals too. "Sle Gin" is peaceful, it's beautiful. It's Joe, Joe Bonamassa. CLosing out the album/concert is "Seagull," another great wind-down, (can't help hearing that slow-paced song by Pearl Jam here), as this tune ends an excellent concert album.

    Although I was never a huge fan of live albums, this album definitely ranks as a true contender in the category of live albums. This acoustic evening was different than previous albums; all acoustic guitar driven songs. In the style of the blues, bluegrass, and easy-going, easy to listen to songs, that will make you want to listen again, and likewise find the DVD of this concert to watch.

    Joe Bonamassa is one of the greatest guitarists in Rock and Blues, and is one of the most recent. More of his music will follow, to be reviewed. He has finally arrived as one of the Album Pick of the Week, here at WSVNRadio. Great Rock and Blues to come, from a future Hall of Famer, by the name of Joe Bonamassa.

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