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Blue Oyster Cult
"Agents Of Fortune"

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track listing
  • This Ain't The
    Summer Of Love
  • True Confessions
  • (Don't Fear) The Reaper
  • E.T.I.
    (Extra Terrestial
  • The Revenge Of
    Vera Gemini
  • Sinful Love
  • Tattoo Vampire
  • Morning Final
  • Tenderloin
  • Debbie Denise

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    Glen Campbell--Adios
    Blue Oyster Cult
    "Agents Of Fortune"

    In my younger years, and enjoying music, Blue Oyster Cult was a band that wasn't a band that would be as equally popular as say Elvis, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, etc., etc. In fact, the only BOC tunes I really knew, were "(Don't Fear) The Reaper," "Godzilla" and "Burnin' For You." However, in listening to their album Spectres, there were other songs that were also enjoyable. Blue Oyster Cult wasn't really a band you would hear more of their music on the radio. Other than the three songs I mentioned, that was basically what you would have heard by them, period. But, to many, Blue Oyster Cult would be one of their favorite bands, because they were growing up with them, probably from having their friends, brothers and sisters, who liked them. As in my case, I started listening to their other albums, and I have to admit, Blue Oyster Cult is a great band, and if given their chance, they would probably have more of their songs, plus the three I mentioned, getting more and more radio airplay. FM Radio was a friend to BOC, as those three songs were being played. It was rare you would them back in the day on AM Radio. In fact, of those three songs mentioned, I would say I heard "Burnin' For You" played more then other two.

    But for those who do remember those three songs, "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" and even "Godzilla" are the two standout tunes for those growing up, and listening to popular music at that time. Of course, it was Saturday Night Live and actor Christopher Walken would bring new life to the "Reaper" song, and the famous line -- "I need more cowbell!" It practically made Will Ferrell a well-known name overnight, when that skit, with Blue Oyster Cult appeared on SNL. Although, that skit became Blue Oyster Cult even more famous, but, for those who remembered back in the year 1976 when that was released, and their album from it, Agents Of Fortune, Blue Oyster Cult was already popular, but it was Saturday Night Live, Christopher Walken, and Will Ferrell that would make the band even more famous.

    "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" of course, is the standout hit from Agents Of Fortune. And, the album cover is probably considered one the best covers made in Rock. With its cartoon image of a card dealer, dressed in a suit with bow tie, and showing four Tarot cards, this album cover has always been a classic looking cover. "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" is the song that everyone remembers from this album, yet in listening to this entire album, this album is very good. And why more of Blue Oyster Cult's music, before, during, and after this album's release, is beyond me, Blue Oyster Cult is a Classic Rock band. Yet more of their songs were never heard of, than say Led Zeppelin's or The Rolling Stones' or The Who (and more), their songs can be discovered on various FM stations that would actually include them in their playlists, and most especially, Internet Radio stations.

    And for those who enjoyed the Rock bands of the '70s, with their distinctive sound, Blue Oyster Cult is right in there. BOC's music is Rock and Roll, yet this band has always had their own sound, especially with their earliest albums, leading up to Agents Of Fortune. "This Ain't The Summer Of Love" fits that common Rock Bands of the 70s. A great tune to start the album, it leads you wanting to hear more of this album. Ian Hunter comes to mind when listening to the next track, "True Confessions." And again, Ian Hunter IS Rock and Roll, and he is another artist, like BOC, whom most have never heard of, and is another artist who never got a lot of radio airplay, back in his day. More of that common Rock Bands of the 70s continues with "E.T.I. (Extra Terrestial Intelligence)." Their sound is Rock and Roll, and the music itself kind of relates to another band (and another one who had just a few hits that everyone would remember, but their others songs never got enough radio airplay either -- Bachman-Turner Overdrive.

    The other songs that follow definitely defines the "Blue Oyster Cult Rock Sound" -- "The Revenge Of Vera Gemini" has that 70s Rock, and this song is kinda bluesy, yet it's defined as solid, only for Blue Oyster Cult could sound for us. Rock and Roll again, for "Sinful Love," and even more harder rock and roll, is "Tattoo Vampire." And again, definiing Blue Oyster Cult's sound for themselves, "Morning Final." Likewise, "Tenderloin" defines the Blue Oyster Cult, and another band that comes to mind, that also had their own unique sound, Styx. "Debbie Denise" has it's own sound, and it's Blue Oyster Cult's.

    Blue Oyster Cult was/is a band all of it's own. Their music is Rock and Roll. Other bands to compare them to, Styx, Kansas. Yet they really aren't exactly sounding like them. Blue Oyster Cult is unique, and this is what made them a great band. Should they be in the Rock Hall of Fame? Yes, they should be. (As of this date, they are not.)

    Agents Of Fortune becomes the sixth album chosen as WSVNRadio's Album Pick of the Week: Tyranny And Mutation, Fire Of Unknown Origin, Mirrors, Cultosaurus Erectus, Secret Treaties, and Spectres Three of those six are reviewed: Cultosaurus Erectus, Secret Treaties, and Spectres. (I started writing album reviews in the 11th year, when I was selecting the "Album Pick of the Week." for the WSVNRadio website.)

    In looking at the three reviewed albums listed above, they were all given two stars out of five. (This would be considered an "ok album"). However, Agents Of Fortune is given three stars. An excellent album of 70s Rock and Hard Rock. Blue Oyster Cult's unique sound is the highlight, likewise what would be their biggest of their career, "(Don't Fear) The Reaper." This song of course, is the standout, but the other songs on this album are just as good, and will be enjoyed by any true Rock fan. And as mentioned, yes, Blue Oyster Cult should be in the Rock Hall of Fame.

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