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Lynn Anderson
The Columbia Years"

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Year of Release: 1999

track listing
  • Stay There 'Til I Get There
  • No Love At All
  • Rose Garden
  • You're My Man
  • How Can I Unlove You
  • Cry
  • Listen To A Country Song
  • Fool Me
  • Keep Me In Mind
  • Top Of The World
  • Smile For Me
  • Sing About Love
  • Talkin' To The Wall
  • What A Man My Man Is
  • He Turns It Into
    Love Again
  • I've Never Loved
    Anyone More
  • All The King's Horses
  • Wrap Your Love All
    Around Your Man
  • He Ain't You
  • I Love How You Love Me
  • Isn't It Always Love
  • Sea Of Heartbreak

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    Lynn Anderson
    "Anthology: The Columbia Years"

    "I beg your pardon... I never promised you a Rose Garden...

    This famous line was from the signature song of Country singer Lynn Anderson's career, "Rose Garden." She only achieved a total of 5 number one Country songs, yet her Anthology: The Columbia Years includes 22 songs of great Country songs, that more than her 5 #1's could have been added more.

    Anthology: The Columbia Years chronicles the 1970s decade (1970-1979); yet she began her recording career in 1966, Her recorded albums began in 1967, and she continued recording until her death in 2015. Her peak was in the 1970s, where "Rose Garden," "You're My Man, "How Can I Unlove You," "Keep Me In Mind," and "What A Man, My Man Is" all reached #1 on Billboard's Country Songs chart. She continued recording singles throughout the next 4 decades.

    The first two songs from this anthology, "Stay There 'Til I Get There" and "No Love At All" sounds more like a famous "Lynn" in Country music, Loretta Lynn. Yet the song, "Rose Garden" would become her biggest hit, and created a Country style of her own, throughout the remaining 1970s decade. "You're My Man", "How Can I Unlove You" follows from this compilation, as they all reached #1.

    "Cry" is the next song, a remake of the Johnnie Ray classic. Her version is recorded extremely well, as to mention, in later years, another female artist would record her own version of this song -- Crystal Gayle. As for another remake, her version of The Carpenters' "Top Of The World" is included here. "Listen To A Country Song" continues the "Lynn Anderson Sound," as it could have been recorded by another famous female Country singer, Dolly Parton. And another good remake is included, "I Love How You Love Me" (originally recorded by The Paris Sisters, of which Phil Spector produced).

    "Fool Me," "Smile For Me," "Sing About Love," "Wrap Your Love All Around Your Man, "He Ain't You, "Isn't It Always Love" are all good Country songs, yet other songs just maybe a bit better.

    Then there are the exceptional songs left to mention: Of course, the two #1's, "Keep Me In Mind" and "What A Man, My Man Is." Great .. Great .. Great .. Great .. -- "Talkin' To The Wall," "He Turns It Into Love Again," "I've Never Loved Anyone More," "All The King's Horses." "Sea Of Heartbreak" is another exceptional song too, and I want to say, that this song is another remake, and as I looked it up, it was originally recorded by Don Gibson, and covered by Johnny Cash.

    Lynn Anderson passed away of a heart attack, on July 30, 2015. She was 67 years old. She left behind a great legacy of music, being "Rose Garden" her signature song. She recorded many albums, and received many awards. She is ranked #28 of Rolling Stone magazine's 100 Greatest Country Artists of All Time.

    Anthology: The Columbia Years is a great collection of Lynn Anderson's music. The 1970s was the peak of her career, and this set definitely shines. As mentioned, she may no longer be with us, but her music will always live on. Surprisingly, she does not have a main website, although more information of her can be found on her Wikipedia page, and on her Facebook page.

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