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The Babys
"Tye Babys Anthology"

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Year of Release: 1985

track listing
  • Head First
  • Isn't It Time
  • Midnight Rendezvous
  • Money
  • Back On My Feet Again
  • Give Me Your Love
  • Turn And Walk Away
  • Every Time I Think Of You
  • If You've Got The Time
  • Sweet 17

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    The Babys
    "The Babys Anthology"

    The Babys Anthology gets the spotlight this week, as it captures the band's hits and album tracks of which John Waite (singer) and Jonathan Cain (who would later join Journey) were part of. The Babys released only five albums -- Both Waite and Cain were on these albums. This anthology covered the years of the albums, 1977 to 1980. For those who remember The Babys during these years, their most remembered hits were more on the softer side of Rock -- "Isn't It Time," "Back On My Feet Again" and "Everytime I Think Of You." The other tracks here are more of the 1980s Rock, in a much harder rock style than their most popular hits were. (This is similar to other Rock artists; where they were more "famous" with softer rock tunes -- April Wine, Bryan Adams, to name a few.)

    The Babys' debut album was released in 1977, The Babys, and from it, "If You've Got The Time," a harder 1980s Rock tune. Their second album was also released in 1977, Broken Heart. One of their most popular hits was from the album, "Isn't It Time," and another rocker, having a bit of a Blues Rock feel, "Give Me Your Love." Three songs emerge from the band's third album, Head First, from 1978: The title track (another 1980s rocker), their version of the classic 1960s hit "Money (That's What I Want)", of which they give this classic a 1980s rock update. Their next big softer rock hit was also from the album - "Every Time I Think Of You."

    1980 saw the release of their fourth album, Union Jacks. From that album, "Midnight Rendezvous" (1980s Rock) and their third most memorable hit, ":Back On My Feet Again." Their fifth album, On The Edge was released in 1980, and from it, 2 more 1980s rocking tunes, "Turn And Walk Away" and "Sweet 17."

    With the exception of their three most memorable hits, the other seven tracks are all 1980s rockers. These rocking songs can be compared to another great band, Bad Company. The 10 songs on this anthology are not in chronological order, as I would mention the songs for this review. Yet this anthology shows that just because your most popular songs would become what is known as soft rock or ballads, The Babys certainly knew how to rock in their own ways. Maybe their three most popular sounds could be referred to as Rock tunes, they are "softer" than the others on this anthology. John Waite would record solo, and he would accomplish a #1 hit, "Missing You." Jonathan Cain would join another popular group, Journey. The Babys have reformed, with a new lead singer, and a replacement guitarist for Jonathan Cain. But for many, The Babys would be best known with John Waite as singer, just as Steve Perry would be most famous as the singer of Journey. The Babys Anthology captures the band's finest moments, with their popular hits, and more.

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