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Bryan Master
"Lost At Sea"

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Year of Release: 2003

track listing
  • All Else Fails
  • Reunion Of Sorts
  • Meteor(ite)
  • Blue Seattle
  • 737
  • Now Or Never
  • Bird Of Paradise
  • Californ.I.A.
  • Blood Gone Bad
  • Bring Out The Stars
  • Your Name In Lights

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    Bryan Master
    "Lost At Sea"

    Bryan Master is a member of our WSVNRadio Hall of Fame, as his song "Reunion Of Sorts" was on Volume 6. His album, Lost At Sea is a fantastic album. His music is very good, and there are some songs here that are compared to other well-known artists. A little of Jack Johnson, most compared to David Bowie. He has recorded a total of three albums. Lost At sea (2003), Incommunicado (2004), and For People Like Us (2011).

    Starting off the album is "All Else Fails" -- a great song to start the album, with it's happy-go-lucky sound. Nothing "fail" about it. "Meteor(ite)" has a Grunge style, yet it could be an song recorded by the likes of T-Rex, and David Bowie. And speaking of Bowie, "Blue Seattle" is almost jazzy, yet mysterious, as it could a song also recorded by Bowie.

    "737" is laid back than the other tunes heard at this point, likewise "Now Or Never," another song in a laid back style, yet it does rock. Mystery and definitely Bowie'ish, is the next track "Bird Of Paradise." Not only was "Reunion Of Sorts" is a great song, "Californ.I.A" is another great song, and was another choice to be on our Volume 6 Hall of Fame compilation. "Californ.I.A." is another g-r-e-a-t song. "Blood Gone Bad" is smooth; it's groovin'.

    The last two songs are in laid back style, where "Bring Out The Stars" could be recorded by the band R.E.M. ANd "Your Name In Lights" is another laid back track, very nice.

    Lost At Sea by Bryan Master is an album that grow on you, to listen again, and even from the first listen, this is a talented artist. As one review says about this album and himself: "If you haven't heard Bryan Master yet, then you're missing something special. A multi-talented musician (he plays about everything), who write beautiful, insightful songs, sung with the perfect pitch of emotion. A real treat for any music lover." Another review says to give a listen to his second album, Incommunicado. I'm sure his latest album, For People Like Us is mostly likely recommended. Bryan Master is a proud member of our Hall of Fame, and we are glad to have promoted him, and his music. Give Bryan Master a listen. You will like what you hear.

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    Previous Review: #1693
    Los Lobos--Kiko
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