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Glenn Frey
"Strange Weather"

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Year of Release: 1991

track listing
  • Silent Spring
  • Long Hot Summer
  • Strange Weather
  • Aqua Tranquillo
  • Love In The 21st Century
  • He Took Advantage
    (Blues For
    Ronald Reagan)
  • River Of Dreams
  • I've Got Mine
  • Rising Sun (Instrumental)
  • Brave New World
  • Delicious
  • A Walk In The Dark
  • Before The Ship
    Goes Down
  • Big Life
  • Part Of Me Part Of You

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    Glenn Frey
    "Strange Weather"

    It is still hard to believe that Glenn Frey passed away three years ago, in 2016. He was only 67. He had rheumatoid arthirits, and he was required to have surgery, which resulted in cancelling his performances with The Eagles. His surgery was for intestinal problems and a long recovery afterwards. He died from complications of rheumatoid arthirits, acute ulcerative cotitis, and pneumonia, while recovering from gastrontestinal tract surgery. His wife filed suit for wrongful death of her husband. Frey's death was a shock, and unexpected. His music with The Eagles, and his solo career had always been eventful. The Eagles were in a class by themselves. His solo work was different than The Eagles' style, yet his solo songs that made him famous had it's own Rock style, and also placed Frey in a whole class for himself as well.

    His solo work started in 1982, as he would record a total of five solo albums, from 1982 to 2012. He would have at least one huge hit from his first three solo albums" No Fun Aloud (1982) - "The One You Love"; The Allnighter (1984) - "Smuggler's Blues" (more popular from the TV show Miami Vice); Soul Searchin' (1988) - title track. Also to mention some other great album tracks - "I Found Someone" (1982) and "Sexy Girl" (1984). And of course, his soundtrack hits, "You Belong To The City" from Miami Vice and "The Heat Is On" from Beverly Hills Cop. Yet for his fourth solo album Strange Weather, there weren't any huge hits. Yet there are some really good Glenn Frey solo rocking songs here, yet they didn't get as popularity as his prior hits from his other solo albums and his soundtrack hits.

    Leading off the album is quite different than your typical Glenn Frey solo Rock music -- the short instrumental prelude, "Silent Spring." On that note, another uncomoon sound is heard on the title track, having a more Smooth Jazz sound. Another different sound for Glenn Frey solo, is the short instrumental "Aqua Tranquillo," as it has a tropical sound. And, "Rising Sun" is another short instrumental, having a Smooth Jazz sound.

    Then there are the common Glenn Frey solo tunes, that quite frankly, are very good. Yet they did not become hit singles to add to the ones we already know and love. "Long Hot Summer" is a good track, as it just about equals his solo Rock style. "Love In The 21st Century" should have been a hit, and could be added to his list of well-known solo songs. "I've Got Mine" could have been the other song, that could have been another hit. This one could rank up to "You Belong To The City," as it sounds almost like the well-known hit, but at a faster pace.

    "He Took Advantage (Blues For Ronald Reagan)" is a very impressive tune, with it's Blues Rock feel, and another song that could have been another hit. "River Of Dreams" starts out on a slow paced introduction, yet it turns into another nice Pop Rock tune. "Delicious" is also good, as it has a Prince feel (and with a title like "Delicious" it could have easily been recorded by the Purple one). "A Walk In The Park" is more on the lite rock style, and it is different than the common Frey solo songs, but it is still another good solo song for Frey. Another impressive tune is the Clapton'ish "Before The Ship Goes Down."

    "Brave New World," "Big Life" and the album's closing song "Part Of Me, Part Of You" are ok, but there are other songs better.

    Glenn Frey's solo albums have always been interesting. His solo musical style was quite different than the Eagles' sound. Yet his solo works have always been driving and powerful in style. However, Strange Weather does have good songs, yet there were no songs to remember by. Some said that Glenn Frey's best solo work was behind him. Strange Weather is not a bad album. It is quite good as Frey's earlier albums. According to the critics, songs such as "I've Got Mine" and "He Took Advantage (Blues For Ronald Reagan) contained lyrics where Frey was "stumbling around in the same rich-rock-star-as-self-righteous-angry-liberal footsteps as Don Henley." Henley has always been outspoken in his own ways about many-of-things. Many still believe it was Henley (and Henley alone) for The Eagles' breakup, and making it virtually impossible for the band to stay together. (Remember "Hell Freezes Over" ?) However, since Glenn Frey's death, The Eagles have reformed for touring, with Frey's son Deacon, and popular country musician Vince Gill. Don Henley, Joe Walsh and Timothy B. Schmit are the remaining current members.

    His last album was entitled After Hours (2012), an tribute album to songs from the pre-Rock era, Big Bands and Easy Listening. Glenn Frey is no longer with us, but he left behind a great legacy of work with the Eagles, and his solo work. Strange Weather is no exception. It is just as good as his other albums, yet his previous albums were more popular, and most likely, much better. But for the Eagles and solo-Frey fan, Strange Weather will be enjoyed. Thank you, Glenn Frey, for giving us great music, as we will cherish your work in generations to come.

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