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"The Everglow"

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Year of Release: 2005

track listing
  • Prologue
  • We're So Far Away
  • Someone Else's Arms
  • Suspension
  • This Is The Countdown
  • Painless
  • The Ocean
  • Breakdown
  • Mistakes We Knew
    We Were Making
  • Cover Me
  • The Everglow
  • Ready And Waiting
    To Fall
  • Anything
  • The Sun And The Moon
  • Epilogue

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    "The Everglow"

    Mae - an acronym on "Multi-sensory Aesthetic Experience." A Christian Rock band, their 2005 release, The Everglow reached #1 on the Billboard Christian Albums chart. The album is designed as a storybook, including illustrations for each song inside the CD booklet. With its story-like nature, The Everglow is considered a concept album. "Prologue" and "Epilogue" have narrations by Charlotte Martin. The album was received positively, with 4 out of 5 stars from Allmusic, and 4½ out of 5 stars from Jesus Freak Hideout. Definitely having a solid rock sound, more "heavier" than most Christian Rock bands. The Everglow definitely has very good music to listen to, and reflect on the fact, that Christian Rock bands have a solid sound, and should be taken into consideration more. One word to describe this album, is POWERFUL. Therefore, Christian Rock has a meaning. Christian Rock has a great sound, a Rock sound, a Christian Rock sound.

    As pointing out in another review of this album - What’s truly amazing about The Everglow, however, is how these songs manage to greatly transcend the sum of their parts, and in doing so, become something more altogether – a moving, enchanting piece that will stay with you long after the last note has played.
    Very true! This album is definitely a Rock album. Better yet, a CHRISITIAN Rock album. This quote is from this review. And it pretty much sums it up for this excellent particular review.

    And from the Jesus Freak Hideout review: Clocking in at just over an hour, the songs on The Everglow mesh beautifully, and the track order seems perfect. In fact, the most captivating part of this project is not the music itself as much as how it is presented. Each song feels like part of a story, and only after one has listened to the entire record is the story complete. The first and last tracks are brilliant, reminiscent of an audio portion of a children's book, with a soothing voice instructing you when to "turn the page" in the booklet. The lyrics in the folder have artwork alongside them, making the whole experience seem more like a classic fairy tale than a music CD.

    The opener, "Prologue" (narration by Charlotte Martin) is a wonderful introduction to the album, and Charlotte refers the listener to observe the booklet for this CD album, for which each song is a narrative story to the next song, the next story. A concept album as it is declared, each song blends together, in which each song is powerful in their own rights. Each song has a strong Rock sound. To some, a Pop Rock sound also. More on the harder rock in most Christian rock heard from other Christian bands and artists. "Prologue" is a wonderful introduction, a great welcoming .. to ... The Everglow.

    "We're So Far Away" is probably the most "softest" sounding song from the album, with its nice piano-driven style. Then, the next three songs have a great driving powerful Christian Rock style -- "Someone Else's Arms," "Suspension" (this one was the lead singe from the album), and "This Is The Countdown." All great, powerful tunes. The same can be said for the next tune, "Painless," another powerful song.

    Then things wind down a bit (and on a good mention) -- "The Ocean" has nice piano, and is more on the Pop (Christian) Rock side. "Breakdown" is another Pop-sounding and powerful (Christian) Rock song. "Mistakes We Knew We Were Making" is another powerful Pop-Rock sounding tune. "Cover Me" takes a different approach in sound and style, and then it kicks into another powerful (Christian) sounding track. The title track is another good, exciting sounding track.

    There's no stopping how each song blends into another great and powerful sound. "Ready And Waiting To Fall" continues that journey, and the next tune, "Anything." "The Sun And The Moon" winds things down, and brings it back up again. (Somehow, I can't help but think the ending of this song was very Beatle'ish, with its musical arrangements.) And in the "Epilogue," Charlotte Martin returns, ending the album appropriately.

    The Everglow is a great, and powerful album. A great and powerful Christian Rock album. A concept album, as each song has its own story. Christian Rock shines on The Everglow, and album that should recognize Mae as a distinguished and impressive Christan Rock band. The Everglow was the band's second chronoloical album released. In total, Mae has released five albums (2003-2018). Lead singer Dave Elkins is very impressive. Kinda Green Day'ish in vocal style. Yet, Mae produces a very over-the-top album here. The Everglow shines, with it's powerful sound, and story-like concept songs.

    An impressive good, and powerful album. The Everglow shows its title. Powerful, Glowing, Everlasting. It's worth the listen. Discover Mae.

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    Previous Review: #1764
    Gerald Albright--Slam Dunk
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