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Reba McEntire
"Greatest Hits Volume Two"

© MCA Records

Year of Release: 1993

track listing
  • Does He Love You
  • You Lie
  • Fancy
  • For My Broken Heart
  • Love Will Find
    Its Way To You
  • They Asked About You
  • Is There Life Out There
  • Rumor Has It
  • Walk On
  • The Greatest Man
    I Never Knew

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    Reba McEntire
    "Greatest Hits Volume Two"

    Once again, the story of the Greatest Hits compilation, where you are a big fan of the artist, and has all their albums prior. A greatest hits compilation, no doubt, will have new/unreleased tracks. Reba McEntire's second greatest hits, has that. Two previously unreleased songs (one of which hit #1 Country), and eight remaining songs from previous studio albums: The Last One To Know (1987), Sweet Sixteen (1989), Rumor Has It (1990), and For My Broken Heart (1991). One minor complaint, most greatest hits/best of has the songs in chronological order. Reba's second greatest hits does not.

    The first track is a duet, with Linda Davis - "Does He Love You" - a previously unreleased song. It reached #1 on the Billboard Country singles chart. A nice, easy tune. Another former #1 Country hit follows (from Rumor Has It - "You Lie." Another song from Rumor Has It follows, a true Country-sounding song, written by Bobbie Gentry - "Fancy."

    From the For My Broken Heart album, the title track is the next track, and like many for Reba, it was also a #1 Country hit. Then we go back to the only song from Reba's The Last One To Know, the #1 Country hit, "Love Will Find Its Way To You." It's an upbeat Country tune. The second unreleased track follows, as it is a nice Country tune, "They Asked About You." Then back to the For My Broken Heart album, and truly one of Reba's great #1 Country hits, "Is There Life Out There."

    The title track from Rumor Has It is the next song, another nice Country tune. "Walk On" is from the Sweet Sixteen (and the only song from that album; surprisingly, Reba's version of the Everly Brothers' "Cathy's Clown" didn't make this greatest hits set). "Walk On" is a good, upbeat Country song. The last track is from the For My Broken Heart album, and its title sure sounds like a Country song title -- "The Greatest Man I Never Knew" -- another nice Country tune.

    Reba McEntire's second volume of her Greatest Hits is an excellent collection. Only 10 songs, yet there are far more songs that Reba has recorded, whether they reached #1 or not. Reba is a great country artist, and her musical style IS Country music. She has accomplished an incredible career in Country music, with great songs, great albums. Including this greatest hits compilation, Reba McEntire has now had FIVE albums on our website/reviews: My Kind Of Country, It's Your Call, Sweet Sixteen, Love Somebody.

    Her first Greatest Hits compilation (1987) were singles from the years 1984, 1985, and 1986. No new recordings were included. Reba debuted in 1977, and released a total of six albums, prior to 1984. Her first #1 Country song was from the year 1983. Her third Greatest Hits, titled Greatest Hits Volume III: I'm A Survivor, was released in 2001.

    Her Greatest Hit compilations are a good introduction, but its best to her her original studio albums, and how it all started, and up towards today, in the career of Reba McEntire. Her music is great. Her TV show, Reba is also a good TV show to watch. Reba is a Country Music star, a legend, a diva in her own right. Her Greatest Hits Volume Two is worth having, especially for the two unreleased tracks.

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