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"Out of The Dark"

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Year of Release: 2017

track listing
  • Voicemail Intro
  • I'm Still Here
  • Out Of The Dark
  • Unfinished
  • Bleed The Same Intro
  • Bleed The Same
  • Comeback Kid
  • What You're Worth
  • Dear John Praise Report
  • Good News
  • Prove Me Wrong
  • Mothdisa Interlude
  • The One He
    Speaks Through
  • Shine
  • My First Love

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    "Out of The Dark"

    Christian/Gospel artist Mandisa marks her debut this week, with her 2017 release, Out Of The Dark. (It's her most recent release.) The title of her album is a podcast for Mandisa, alsong with Laura Williams. She began her career as a contestant on the fifth season of American Idol. She finished in ninth place. By 2017, it had been nearly four years. since her last album was released. Prior to her 2017 release of Out Of The Dark, she had been in depression over the death of her best friend, Lakisha Mitchell. She was a backup singer for Mandisa. She passed away of breast cancer. She was 40 years old. More info on Lakisha Mitchell here.

    As the first track "Voicemail Intro" begins, it is a series of voicemails from her friends, calling her, to check in on her, since her friends knew of her struggles in the death of her friend. From the voicemails heard, Mandisa was not returning calls. Nor was she letting her friends enter her home, when they appeared at her door. The events of the death of Mandisa's friend would be the outcome of her album Out Of The Dark. But as the title of the album states, Mandisa provides the journey of hope, and recovering.

    As she sings on "I'm Still Here." Although she is going through the tough times, she is "still here." And coping with life, as it goes on. The title track is sure to have been a hit, as she sings of keeping positive, and remain "out of the dark, and into the light." "Unfinished" tells how to pick things up, and keep God in mind, and Trust in Him. "God is not finished with me yet, I'm Unfinished." Kirk Franklin and TobyMac helps out on "Bleed The Same," as they point out the message that no matter what color our skin may be, we’re “all the same on the inside.”

    "Comeback Kid" continues the lead of the Lord, as "Nothing's gonna keep me down/I know You hold my hand." And the musical style of "What You're Worth" (with Britt Nicole) is what today's R&B should really sound like. It's a great and upbeat track, and with great strong and positive lyrics. "Stand up strong/You gotta fire/So let it burn on/Show 'em what you're worth/You gotta roar/Get up and shout." "Good News" is another song that has a great R&B vibe, and of course, positive lyrics. "Prove Me Wrong" slows down the pace, and it's a beautiful piano-driven song. This song Mandisa sings lyrics regarding the loss of her friend.

    "The One He Speaks Through" continues great sounding music and lyrics. "Shine" tells how with everything you're going through, God isn't through. Therefore, "stand up, and Shine." The word Shine has always been a positive word in Christian music lyrics. Many songs have used this word. Shine through the brightest light, even in the darknest night. The album closes with help from another popular Chistian artist, Jeremy Camp - "My First Love." And it's another good song, in the traditional Christian musical style.

    Adam R. Holz's review of this album is pure. And in his summary, he says it best: "Life can knock us off our feet, a metaphor that Mandisa herself uses in one of her songs. And even if we’re rooted in our faith, those disorienting seasons can plunge us into doubt and despair. Sometimes it can even be difficult to understand where God is and why He would allow tragedy to occur to those we love. Mandisa has experienced exactly that kind of season over the last four years. And though it’s obviously been a devastatingly difficult one, I’m thankful that she’s chosen to share her story on Out of the Dark. This authentic, gritty, hopeful collection of songs may very well help others who find themselves in similarly shadowy places."

    I can relate. My wife passed away in 2019, and I had recently retired before that. Thinking of the many years we would be spending together after retirement, is what we were looking forward to. But, that didn't happen. And as the lyrics in Mandisa's song "Prove Me Wrong" -- “You could’ve healed her/You’ve done it before/Instead You took her/And I’m wondering where You are.” In all's fairness, if those many years together were meant to be, my wife would never have had the complications that would end in her death, and for the good Lord to take her.

    Mandisa has the Out Of The Dark podcast, with Laura Williams.
    Out of the Dark is a podcast about mental health in the body of Christ. As followers of Jesus, people are sometimes led to believe that if we struggle with anxiety, depression, addiction, identity, or the many other areas of our mental health that we are less of a Christian or are just not praying enough. As members of the body of Christ, Mandisa and Laura will tackle the idea that, while Jesus IS enough, a relationship with a counselor can help heal wounds that will enhance your relationship with Jesus. They will cover specific topics related to mental health and offer resources to listeners to enhance your journey of personal growth. We can't do it alone; we need to step out of the dark of shame and guilt and into the light of recovery and redemption. New episodes air Wednesday.

    Mandisa's struggles with the loss of her friend provides the road to recovery, and having God lead the way. Keeping Him in mind, and although God has taken her friend, and to the many who can relate, our loved ones are free from their health issues. No more pain, no more sorrow, although we will always be sad. Especially for those whose loved ones were taken too soon. I can relate to that.

    Mandisa's Out Of The Dark shines the light on the darkness of losing a good friend. The music is outstanding, the lyrics are powerful. Keep positive.

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