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Year of Release: 2020

track listing
  • Restore Me
  • Set Me Free
  • Wheels Up
  • Over The Top
  • Self Discovery
  • Deep End
  • Drown
  • Saturday Night
  • Sunday Morning
  • Zombie
  • Keep Going
  • Still
  • Only Human
  • Nothing Left To Hide

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    Cindy Lu--Playin' The Game

    Ok, folks, with today's Rap/Hip-Hop music, it's a hit or miss. Most likely for some (or many), it's a miss. Why? It's the lyrics. Most Rap lyrics are vulgar, sexually insecure, and outmost violence. However, there is Hip-Hop in another musical genre -- Christian. Enter Lecrae, a Christian Hip-Hop artist who has been recording since 2004. His credits include many of his albums to reach #1 on Billboard's Christian albums chart. His latest from 2020, is Restoration. Like others, this recent album hit #1, making it his ninth #1 Christian album. Also to his credit, he has one song that hit #1 on the Christian singles chart. And, one of his albums also reached #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 albums chart (Anomaly; 2014).

    Lecrae's Restoration marks his debut here on WSVNRadio. The album's theme is of mending what is broken, both as an individual and in society to Lecrae, and finding holistic restoration and healing, particularly from God. "Set Me Free" defines this, and is a good song. "Wheels Up" and "Over The Top" has the familiar Rap and Hip-Hop tone. Yet the lyrics tells of breaking away from the drama, and not "drama filed," where the overall likeness of songs such as this would not be as agreeable. "Self Discovery" also has the familiar Hip-Hop sound, As mentioned, where most lyrics in Rap / Hip-Hop is foul, Lecare points out, that Now I'm up, is it real life? And when it get real, I can feel Christ / Self discovery / Self discover me / Help uncover me / Help me to understand who I'm supposed to be / Not just a wannabe Positive lyrics, in trying to find one's self in this real life. which leads into "Deep End," where one tries not to go off that deep end; keep focused. Uh, yeah, I've been doing better than I was before / I walk with a limp 'cause I've been wrestling with the Holy Ghost / Deep end of this pit but still somehow I keep on floating on Thought I lost my grip but God reminded me it's holy

    John Legend helps out on "Drown," Tell me that you'll never let me down (down) / Down (down) / 'Cause you're my final breath before I drown (drown) Drown (drown) Don't let me drown, with all the craziness going on and around. This song is more on the R&B side. "Saturday Night" has guest Jozzy, and it has spoken voice (rap) and R&B lyrics. "Sunday Morning" has well-known Christian/Gospel artist Kirk Franklin (spoken voice) helping out.

    Matching today's R&B and Hip-Hop playlists can get the next tune, "Zombie." "Keep Going" is more on the Hip-Hop side, and it's "keeping going" that sets the lyrics. R&B sets the pace for "Still." More on the R&B side, yet it has its hip-hop feel too (lyrically-style). "Only Human" and the album's closer, "Nothing Left To Hide" have the familar Rap/Hip-Hop tones, but there are other songs better than these two.

    Lecrae's Restoration has the Hip-Hop sound. It has it's Rap tones. R&B mixes are in there too. What makes it an enjoyable album, is 1) the music itself isn't as annoying as other Rap / Hip-Hop artists. And 2) the lyrics. Lecrae's stories are of struggle, struggling with faith, yet it's his outreach to the faith in God, to help him get out of those struggles and situations. For the fans who enjoy both Rap and Hip-Hop, Restoration is a good listen. Not annoying, some songs better than others throughout. There were four hit singles from this album, and they are all good contenders as hits: "Set Me Free," "Deep End," "Drown" and "Zombie." He gets help from legendary artists as Kirk Franklin and John Legend. Other artists are YK Osiris, Marc E. Bassy, Jozzy, Danleigh, BJ The Chicago Kid, Gwen Bunn.

    Of the four hits from this album, "Set Me Free" (featuring YK Osiris) and "Drown" (featuring John Legend) gets my vote. The rest of the album is good, where the last two tracks aren't as what I would recommend, compared to the others. But it does tell how when struggling with the many events that life throws at us, we "Keep Going," keep it "Over The Top." Never go off that "Deep End," and never "Drown" when you think you just get go on. Sure, these events could turn you into a "Zombie," but "Still," we're "Only Human." Discover your "Self Discovery," keep the "Wheels Up" And remember on "Saturday Night" into "Sunday Morning" there is church to attend to. At church, you can listen to the sermons, and let them "Restore Me." In the end, there is "Nothing Left To Hide."

    Lecrae says it best: It's been a long journey. I've learned that God is Relational, not Tranactional. He wants to walk with us on our way towards Restoration. I'm being Restored every day.

    Keep the faith. Keep positive.

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    Previous Review: #1775
    Third Day--Wire
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    Cindy Lu--Playin' The Game