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Trace Adkins
"Songs About Me"

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Year of Release: 2005

track listing
  • Songs About Me
  • Arlington
  • Find Me A Preacher
  • My Way Back
  • I Wish It Was You
  • Bring It On
  • My Heaven
  • Baby I'm Home
  • Metropolis
  • I Learned How To Love
    From You
  • Honky Tonk

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    Trace Adkins
    "Songs About Me"

    Trace Adkins has arrived, to WSVNRadio! His rich, deep voice (both speaking and singing) is quite amazing. And, as the years have passed, he was part of one of Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice. He ended up in second place, while Piers Morgan was the winner in 2008. Yet, Trace returned to the All-Star Celebrity Apprentice in 2013, and won. HIs win raised money for the Red Cross, a total of $1.5 million. Trace's music defines the "new" Country, and with artists like him, there should be more - entertaining the music world, with Country Music - defining the meaning of what Country music should sound like. Not only does he have the "true Country sound," he LOOKS Country: he's tall, fit, a somewhat rugged look, and with his appearance, I wouldn't want to get on his bad side. But, as I have learned from reading and learning about him, he is a really good guy; a good guy to know, and have as a friend.

    "Songs About Me" (title track) and "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk" were two songs that were hits, and heavily played, from what I remember. Trace Adkins basically knows how to record GOOD COUNTRY tunes, and these are definitely Country-sounding tunes. The rest of this album is no different. They are GOOD (if not GREAT) Country-sounding tunes, and you can consider him as a devoted "Country Artist." The music is Country; and yes, it sure SOUNDS COUNTRY...

    "Arlington" is a nice tune, and just as the upbeat Country tunes, Trace can easily put his name and mark on any Country ballad. And just as any album, it has some heavy-hitting upbeat, honky tonk'ish tunes, and laid back, ballads. is definitely Country. It IS Country, no questions asked. "My Way Back" is another good song, as Trace Adkins' voice is in a more upper range, than his normal, deep-sounding, and distinctive, recognizable singing voice. Another good, country-sounding tune is the next track, "I Wish It Was You."

    "Bring It On" the title says it all; Trace does bring it on -- that voice, that sound, (did I say this before?) Country. Then there's the softer side of Trace, with "My Heaven," a great, pleasant ballad-type Country tune. "Baby I'm Home" -- Home is Country, and Country is Trace. And, oh, that distinctive voice of his shows on "Metropolis," his voice goes deep, especially at the end of this tune. With a title such as the next song, "I Learned How To Love From You," it would have to be a ballad. Trace has always done ballads great with ballads - "You're Gonna Miss This" (2008) is probably his best ballad, as it was extremely popular at the time. "I Learned How To Love From You" is no exception. The album closes with that unmistakable "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk." It's a HIT! and it knocks it right out of the ballpark.

    Surprisingly, none of the songs were #1 on the Country charts from this album. However, it did reach #1 for one week on the Country Albums chart (Billboard). Both the title track and "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk" reached #2. "Arlington" was another single from the album, as it reached #16.

    Trace Adkins is a must, for the true Country fan. There are few Country singers that trulky defines Country, in the most recent decades. Where Country artists at the end of the 20th Century were all basically classified as "Country," the 21st Century emerged with Country artists, yet having a more Pop sound. I don't need to mention names, but one in particular artist started in Country, and now, SHE is considered a Pop star. As for other Pop/Country artists, many (including myself) just shake our heads, and say "This is NOT Country." Growing up in the '70s Country was what it meant. Not to get on a soap box here (as I often do about this), but for the most part, there just maybe a small handful of tunes by these "Pop/Country" artists that could be cnosidered "Country." But from what I've been hearing from these recent artists, I just shake my head. Give me the old Country, that is what defines Country Music. Ok, stop.

    But if you really like the Country, and for what it should sound, Trace Adkins is an artist definitely on your true-Country list. Don't argue with Trace, being six feet, six inches tall, and 240 pounds, of lean, mean, Country machine. His music defines Country. He has the looks, and the voice, and the charisma of being a great Country artist.

    Trace Adkins has been recording since 1996: 12 studio albums, Compilations, and a Christmas album. Four #1 singles, four #1 albums (Country). His albums are worth listening to. More of his albums to be reviewed are in the future. Trace Adkins IS Country. Enough said.

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