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Jessica Simpson
"A Public Affair"

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Year of Release: 2006

track listing
  • A Public Affair
  • You Spin Me Round
    (Like A Record)
  • B.O.Y.
  • If You Were Mine
  • Walkin' 'Round In A Circle
  • The Lover In Me
  • Swing With Me
  • Push Your Tush
  • Back To You
  • Between You And I
  • I Don't Want To Care
  • Fired Up
  • Let Him Fly
  • I Belong To Me

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    Jessica Simpson
    "A Public Affair"

    Jessica Simpson debuts this week, with her fifth studio album of her career, released in 2006 - A Public Affair. This album was released after her divorce from Nick Lachey. It would also be her last full Pop album before crossing over to Country music. It became a Top 5 album in the U.S. This album was inspired by Janet Jackson, and Simpson would include Jackson's producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis on several tracks.

    The title track leads off the album, as it is very much a comparison to the early Madonna. This song would be considered the most popular. A remake of Dead Or Alive's famous hit, "You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)" is next, as it has a distinctive sound of Disco. has a sampling of The Cars' "Just What I Needed," and it has comparisons to both Britney Spears, and (as many songs on this album), Janet Jackson.

    And speaking of Janet, "If You Were Mine" definitely has the Janet Jackson sound. (Janet's "When I Think Of You" is also compared.) Walkin' 'Round In A Circle" has a more Pop sound, compared to that of Britney Spears. And, like many Pop female singers, the next track has that - "The Lover In Me." "Swing With Me' also is a Pop song, but there are other songs better than this one. "Push Your Tush" (what a song title, it must be equivalent to today's R&B)... It is, (as in Beyonce). It's another "least favorite," and was that a Country-sounding part in the middle of this song?

    The next two tracks are very good - Nice, and slow moving R&B. "Back To You" could easily be a song that Janet Jackson had recorded. "Between You And I" is even better than "Back To You." Beautiful songs. Today's R&B gets the next track, "I Don't Want To Care." Again, R&B (as in Beyonce again), gets "Fired Up." The next track is a complete 180, as it has a Country sound, "Let Him Fly." Ending the album is a bonus track - "I Belong To Me," another Pop-inspired song, Britney Spears' style.

    A Public Affair by Jessica Simpson is fairly made; it has it's moments. This album does not exactly shows that she is a Janet Jackson, a Madonna, a Britney Spears, a Beyonce, or any other popular (Pop) female singer. Yet the comparisons to these female Pop singers is a good compliment. The music from this albums does match the Pop style, from its time. This album is fair, and good on some songs/tracks. And noticed in "Push Your Tush" (the middle part), and especially "Let Him Fly," Jessica Simpson was forming the beginnings of where she would record her next album as Country in 2008, Do You Know.

    But overall, A Public Affair is a good listen. It was her fifth album of her career, and the comparisons of popular (Pop) female singers is the bonus. As mentioned, she isn't at the same popularity level of those comparisons, but her sound matches, and fits the 21st Century Pop sound from it's time period.

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