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David Crowder Band
"Church Music"

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track listing
  • Phos Hilaron
    (Hail Gladdening
  • Alleluia, Sing
  • The Nearness
  • Shadows
  • Eastern Hymn
  • SMS (Shine)
  • The Veil
  • We Are Loved
  • All Around Me
  • How He Loves
  • Can I Lie Here
  • Birmingham (We Are Safe)
  • Church Music - Dance
  • What a Miracle
  • Oh Happiness
  • God Almighty
    None Compares
  • In the End
    (O Resplendent

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    David Crowder Band
    "Church Music"

    The David Crowder Band/Crowder marks their debut this week, as he is another popular band/artist from the Christian Rock genre. Stylized as David Crowder*Band (the asterisk being the standout character), his solo works would later be named as Crowder -- which is surprising. The band was originally named after him, as to where he would form Crowder as a solo artist. Normally, a solo artist would exit from a band not named after themselves. Just an odd occurence. Church Music was released in 2009, and was the DC*B's fifth major-label album. It also reached #1 on the Billboard Christian Albums chart. The DC*B would have four #1 albums there, and as Crowder, he would also reach #1 on the same chart. He has released a total of four Crowder solo albums; three would reach #1.

    Beginning the album is a good intro, "Phos Hilaron (Hail Gladdening Light). As the next track, "Alleluia, Sing" is a good, typical Christian Rock tune. However, there is a more harder Christian Rock sound on "The Nearness." As many Christian tunes, ballads in this genre is just as good as in the Rock genre. "Shadows," and "SMS (Shine)" are good examples. Likewise, the Flyleaf cover "All Around Me" and the John Mark McMillian cover "How He Loves" are also good Christian ballads. (Note, that the McMillian cover is a bit much ballad as the Flyleaf cover.)

    Crowder gets experimental with "Eastern Hymns" - having an experimental introduction to the song, yet then it turns in a good Rock/Christian Rock tune. More on the Rock style is "The Veil," where the use of synthesizers gets good use. "We Are Loved" is a good song that seques from "The Veil." Another experimental tune is "Can I Lie Here," as it also has a good Christian Rock sound. "Birmingham (We Are Safe)" is a "nice track"; having a more plesant Rock sound. "Oh, Happiness" is also another nice good Christian Rock tune.

    The David Crowder Band on this album gives themselves a different approach in sound, than normally heard from other popular Christian Rock bands. This sums it up for the rest of the Church Music album. Especially on two tracks: "Church Music - Dance (!)", as it is more of a (impressive) dance track. This style gives Crowder's Christian music onto a different musical approach. And that different approach is heard also, on "What A Miracle" -- a groovin' and very good track. "God Almighty, None Compares" has a harder Rock sound, than that of modern and typical Christian Rock songs. The albums ends on a good note, with "In The End (O Resplendent Light!)", as it has a drums experimental towards the end.

    Christan bands such as Casting Crowns, MercyMe, and Third Day are in a class together of their own. David Crowder identifies his own class. The comparisons to the three bands mentioned (as well as many others) is there on Church Music, yet Crowder experiments himself into other sounds, marking it his own. Experimenting with a harder (Christian) Rock sound, and with the use of synthesizers and dance music stand out here. As mentioned, his beginnings were in the David Crowder*Band, and then he went solo, naming his next venture in music as his last name. In most cases, when an artist ventures into a solo career, they most likely create a different sound from the previous band they were in. More of David Crowder*Band and his solo Crowder reviews will arrive here at a later date. Are they different from one another? That answer will yet to be determined...

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