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Joe Satriani
"Is There Love In Space"

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Year of Release: 2004

track listing
  • Gnaahh
  • Up In Flames
  • Hands In The Air
  • Lifestyle
  • Is There Love In Space
  • If I Could Fly
  • The Souls Of Distortion
  • Just Look Up
  • I Like The Rain
  • Searching
  • Bamboo

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    Joe Satriani
    "Is There Love In Space"

    One of the joys while browsing at your favorite music store, is when the store is playing music in the background, while you're looking at all the music the store has. This is the case in how I discovered Is There Love In Space? by Joe Satriani. One of the songs from this album was playing, and it immediately caught my attention. What to my surprise, was that it was by Joe Satriani. Not only that, but Joe was actuallyi SINGING on this track. Satriani is more famous, as a guiar instruementalist. I had already known of Satriani's music by 2004, obviously. It was a huge surprise, that the song "Lifestyle" was not only a greating rocking song, it was also Satriani's vocals that was also impressive. As I continued looking at the music to browse at the store, I informed the store's employee to add this Satriani album to my purchase.

    Is There Love In Space? was released in 2004, and just as the "Lifestyle" song, this album is a bit different than your normal (and more instrumental) Satriani album. No complaints, though. The opening track, "Gnaahh" is an instrumental, and more rocking than the common Satriani instrumental favorites normally heard from previous JS albums - Breaking #11, Surfing With The Alien. "Up In Flames" is also another hard-rocker, and another instrumental. The loud, hard-rocking continues, with "Hands In The Air," and it is like the first two tracks, another instrumental.

    Then it's the song we've all been waiting for, with vocals by Joe, "Lifestyle." This song sure grabs your attention, with its great rock sound, and (surprising) vocals. The title track is next, and it slows things down, musically, yet in a good way. It's another instrumental, and it's smooth sailing. This particular track brings back the familiar Satriani sound, especially with Joe's lead guitar, as heard on many of his well-known tunes. Hard-rocking comes back with the next track (and it's another good instrumental), "If I Could Fly."

    Joe's guitar on "The Souls Of Distortion" sure sounds different. Distorted would be a good word to describe it. It's kind of haunting too. It almost sounds as if the guitar itself is "singing." It's quite different, and unique. Then there is the "normal sounding" guitar leads by Joe. "Just Look Up" is another smooth sailing tune, quite pleasant. It has a soulful approach. "I Like The Rain" has vocals, yet it sounds like a song that ZZ Top could have done. "Searching" has that "searching vibe" -- a little bluesy (on the more harder side), and with that Satriani guitar sound, making it his own. It also has its own mystery about it. It's that Satriani guitar... And, like many, and what he is more famous for -- it's another powerful instrumental. (It's the longest track on this album - just a bit over 10 minutes.)

    Ending the album, is "Bamboo" -- a very experimental instrumental. It once again, displays how great Joe Satriani is, as a phenemonal guitarist.

    Is There Life In Space by Joe Satriani is a very powerful album. Most of the songs could be classified as "Heavy Metal." Satriani continues his legendary sounding guitar work. Every song is great, with each uniqueness and powerful guitar sound. What makes it more interesting, are the two vocal songs on this album. Vocals is rarely heard on a Joe Satriani album. "Lifestiyle" is the true standout, and even "I Like The Rain" has its own stand out way. Each album that he has released has proven that Joe Satriani is a true legend, most notably, his guitar playinig. Is There Love In Space is another exceptional album to listen to. Again, "Lifestyle" will bring many repeated listens, likewise, the album itself.

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