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Bill Cosby
"It's True! It's True!"

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track listing
  • It's The Women's Fault
  • Helicopters
  • Ants Are Cool
  • Burlesque Shows
  • The American Gambler
  • Shoelaces
  • Spanish Fly
  • Mr. Ike And The
    TV Set
  • Foreign Countries

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    Bill Cosby
    "It's True! It's True!"

    Bill Cosby's comedy albums from the 1960s (especially his Warner Bros. label albums) was the peak of his recording career. Two of his albums I remember, were Why Is Their Air? and Wonderfulness. His comedy skits were clean, and easy to refer to. And funny, entertaining It's True! It's True! was released in 1969, and would become Cosby's last album for Warner Bros. Records. I didn't have this album, and while listening to it, the skits throughout the album were more adult-oriented.

    Forward march, to the present... We all know what has become of Bill Cosby... And it's quite hard to listen to this album, especially on certain skits Cosby covers, and to think of while he is telling his audience of his encounters, you can't help but think of what he had done back then, in what we were learn of his encounters that would get himself in far trouble, decades later -- the sexual accusations by women, as far back to the 1960s. These accusations were brought up decades later - 2014. Why decades later, when they should have charged him then and there, knowing how popular he had become. Again... did this REALLY happen? More on the allegations can be read in this past review.

    As to the present... Bill Cosby did serve time in jail, for serving nearly three years of a three- to 10-year sentence for drugging and violating Temple University sports administrator Andrea Constand in 2004. He was released in 2021. Cosby has denied these charges against him, referring to the allegations upon him from decades prior. He is currently 84 years old.

    But in listening to It's True! It's True! you can't help but think about what was going on back then, during Cosby's discussions throughout the album.

    On "It's The Women's Fault" -- right there, that title you can't think of what happened to Cosby in later decades. During this skit, Cosby says "Women blame husbands for pregnancy." Her refers to Adam and Eve, and how Adam offered the bite of the apple to Adam, and how Adam immediately takes the bite, in Cosby's "greedy man voice" and how Adam easily takes the offer.

    "Helicopters" is a little scary (not for what Cosby did in his allegations), but how he refers a helicopter is going to crash. It does give this humor, and he experienced a blade that had fallen off... While it was on the ground. "Ants Are Cool" is a short skit, on ants and antholes.

    But on "Burlesque Shows" it's that "hard to listen to Bill Cosby, knowing what he was accused of" -- where as a youngster he would shine shoes, and overlooking across the street, men going to (what would be a strip club), and how he didn't understand why men would go there, and watch women take their clothes off. Ding.. Ding... You just had to stop, and realize, that Cosby would be accused of sexual allegations.

    "The American Gambler" is another short skit, in how American businessmen gamblers get excited while gambling. How they hoot and holler when putting their money on the table, waiting for the ball to come down on a particular number, and getting excited in general, while gambling. "Shoelaces" is also short, and when shoelaces break (pop), it just ruins it for the shoes.

    "Spanish Fly" -- you just can't help but feel uncomfortable, when Cosby explains on how the Spanish fly drug would be placed in a woman's drink. This was another allegation... And, how he "sings" about the Spanish Fly... C r e e p y . . .

    "Mr. Ike And The Neighborhood TV Set" was set to where when televisions were first introduced, and how when someone had that perfect TV, everyone would want to watch. Mr. Ike had that. But what makes it uncomfortable to listen (again), is how when Cosby received Mr. Ike's chewing tobacco, and how terrible it tasted. What gets the queasy feeling, is when he says "What did you do with the last mouthful of juice you had" .. and didn't know... Ewww...

    And throughout the last skit, which clocked in a little over 14 minutes in length, "Foreign Countries" tells stories of the foreign countries Cosby and his I Spy costar Robert Culp had visited. What makes that queasy feeling, is how he explains when in Mexico, he would be sick. Taking pills for it. Pills? Another accusation? Explaining the confusions in money exchanges in England (pounds, etc.) and Japanese yen. That wasn't too bad, but when he explained his visits to bath houses, and women giving him baths (which was paid for), Cosby had mentioned he had quite a few of those. And he jokingly says, "Then my wife walked in..." Ummmm.... Throughout this whole skit, you just can't help but think of what you know of Bill Cosby, and what he was accused of.

    It's True! It's True! was the last album recorded for Bill Cosby, on the Warner Bros. Records label. It is not one of his best albums (compared to Why Is There Air and Wonderfulness. Another album I remember, was after his Warner Bros. years -- Inside The Mind Of Bill Cosby. That album was also entertaining when I discovered it. But it does lower the entertainment value after listening to It's True! It's True! of his allegations, and yes, he did serve jail time for one of them. So the question still remains, despite his denial. Did this really happen, and if... It's True? It's True?

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