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Soul Asylum
"Let Your Dim Light Shine"

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Year of Release: 1995

track listing
  • Misery
  • Shut Down
  • To My Own Devices
  • Hopes Up
  • Promises Broken
  • Bittersweetheart
  • String Of Pearls
  • Crawl
  • Caged Rat
  • Eyes Of A Child
  • Just Like Anyone
  • Tell Me When
  • Nothing To Write
    Home About
  • I Did My Best

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    Soul Asylum
    "Let Your Dim Light Shine"

    Soul Asylum's Let Your Dim Light Shine (1995) was the follow-up to Grave Dancers Union (1992). Prior to 1992, they had already released a total of 5 albums. Grave Dancers Union featured the huge hit, "Runaway Train." However, the follow-up album didn't achieve popularity as its predecessor. From it, the song "Misery" would be parodied by Weird Al Yankovic, as "Syndicated, Inc.", from his 1996 album, Bad Hair Day. Chartwise, Let Your Dim Light Shine was a Top 10 album (#6), where Grave Dancers Union reached #11 (Surprise!)

    Once again, we travel to the "Goodwill Collection," where I found this album. I've already heard of their famous "Runaway Train," so it was obvious, to hear more from them, and learning that Let Your Dim Light Shine was the follow-up album.

    "Misery" starts out slow, but builds into quite a good track, The "slow" parts has almost comparison to that of "Runaway Train," so it would be a good point to see this would be a "hit" from this album. Another band comes to mind also, the Foo Fighters, or the Goo Goo Dolls. "Shut Down" is much harder in sound, as in Grunge. "To My Own Devices" has a more Pop sound. "Hopes Up" kicks it up into another good Rock tune, as the Foo Fighters get the comparison again. "Promises Broken" was another "hit," and this album's title is from this song's lyrics. This song has a "radio friendly" sound, more on the Pop side (again). More on the Rock side, gets the next track, "Bittersweetheart." "String Of Pearls" is more acoustic and a gentler (Pop) sound. Yet, is kicks in later, with a more Rock sound.

    "Crawl" basically is its title, it crawls, then builds big into another good Rock song, then crawls again. "Caged Rat" has mystery about itself as it starts, but blends into a nice "Pop" sound, with some hard rock riffs in between. Then it turns into a Grunge/Alternative Rock jam. It's all pretty impressive. "Eyes Of A Child" is a good Pop/Rock track, gentle sounding. "Just Like Anyone" is a booming (good) Rock track. (This song was also another "hit" from the album.)

    More good Rock songs - "Tell Me When" is very good, and could have easily been another "hit." "Nothing To Write Home About" is also good ("Tell Me When" better), and the album closes with another good radio-friendly song, "I Did My Best."

    Despite Let Your Dim Shine Shine did not reach the potentials as Grave Dancers Union, don't let that make you think that the follow-up is a bad album. It definitely is NOT. There isn't one bad track on this album. A very well-done album, it has good Rock, Pop, and Grunge tunes to enjoy. Although this album may not have been "hit," it definitely is not a "miss." Check it out.

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    Previous Review: #1824
    Wakeman With Wakeman--No Expense Spared
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