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Barbara Eden
"Miss Barbara Eden"

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Year of Release: 2020

track listing
  • I'm A Fool To Care
  • I Get The Fever
  • Rebel
  • Dream
  • I Wouldn't Be A Fool
  • Heartaches
  • Pledge Of Love
  • Nobody But A Fool
    (Would Love You)
  • Single Girl
  • Bend It

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    Barbara Eden
    "Miss Barbara Eden"

    Beloved for her starring role in I Dream of Jeannie, iconic actress Barbara Eden also enjoyed a successful singing career on stage and television music-variety shows. Her 1967 record album of pop songs is reissued on compact disc for the first time. (2020)

    Yes ... THAT Barbara Eden... The I Dream of Jeannie theme song is now playing...

    Back in the 1960s, it seemed that many popular music artists were having their own TV shows. Therefore, from the actors and actresses in popular TV shows, some would take a crack at singing. Some were popular (at singing, that is; few), and some were far from it. (Take the Rhino Golden Throats series, for those not-popular actors and actresses "trying to sing.")

    Actree Barbara Eden, of course, was VERY popular in her television show, I Dream of Jeannie, with Larry Hagman. A beautiful sight to watch, of course, in that magnificent genie outfit. I Dream of Jeannie was on television for five seasons, from 1965 to 1970. Also to mention, she was in the movie Harper Valley P.T.A. (1978), based on the hit song by Jeannie C. Riley, written by Country legend, Tom T. Hall.

    Like many (and few would be "good" at it), Barbara Eden attempted to record what would be her only studio album, released in 1967, on Dot Records - Miss Barbara Eden. Real Gone Music Records would reissue this album, and for those who are curious, would Barbara Eden be as successful in singing, as her popularity on her famous TV show?

    The answer would be "so-so." There were 10 songs on the Miss Barbara Eden album. In 1967, there were many female singers, likewise girl groups, and popular female Country singers. There are all of these variations/comparisons to Barbara Eden's singing on this album.

    Conine Francis seems to be the best comparison on the album's opening track, "I'm A Fool To Care." And with that, Miss Barbara does a good job in singing on this one. However, the next track, "I Get The Fever," which Country legend Bill Anderson recorded, doesn't get the star treatment in singing for Barbara. But, "Rebel" isn't as bad. "Dream" is quite good also, yet the opening track is better. "I Woudn't Be A Fool" has a Country style, and has the sound of the many popular Girl Groups of the '60s provided. Likewise, a lot of comparisons to the common 1960s female singers, on "Heartaches."

    But, the rest of the album surely comes to the conclusion, that she had just keep her "regular job," that being an actrees on her popular TV show, I Dream of Jeannie. "Pledge Of Love" gets a No, and another No for the Country'ish "Nobody But A Fool (Would Love You)." The last two song are just "blah's"; "Single Girl," and "Bend It" sounds more of a novelty song, than that of the others, which would be considered as trying to take a journey as a "serious" singer, and trying to be successful at it, like the many other female singers before her.

    But this doesn't mean that Barbara Eden's attempt at singing was bad for her. She only released one album, and some songs are better than others. Her actual singing voice wasn't terrible either. Believe me, I've heard worse, from other actors and actresses in this attempt.

    Yet, let's give Miss Barbara Eden a pretty good review, as it's ending result. Her singing is good, fair, and better than others. Some of the songs (especially towards the end of the album) doesn't match up with the other songs. Some songs were meant for them. Maybe there could have been other songs that would hit the jackpot for her. Perfect example was Nancy Sinatra. "These Boots Were Made For Walkin'" would become here signature song; however there were other tunes that would just as easily be popular. Her duet with her famous father Frank "Somethin' Stupid," and the cutesy "Sugar Town." If given the right songs for Barbara, maybe, it could have accomplished another career for her, as a singer.

    Or, in some cases, taking a shot at singing just may have been a thought to consider, and persuing it, just to see how it would go. Maybe this was the case, as it would be her only album. (She did record two songs for the soundtrack of Harper Valley P.T.A.. Maybe these songs could have been bonus tracks?)

    But give credit, where credit is due: Barbara Eden does a good job at singing on Miss Barbara Eden. Some songs are better than others; "I'm A Fool To Care" is my top choice. The first six tracks are good contenders. That's just a little bit half of the ten songs here. In reading other reviews, they pretty much say the same. Not as appealing as others, and passable.

    Barbara Eden is most famous in the TV show I Dream of Jeanie. Her other credits include many movies, and television films and series. Harper Valley PTA is a great movie, and recommended. Her acting skills are recommended, rather than her singing talents. But she gave it a good try. Miss Barbara Eden is a fairly good album; keep her "regular job" as an actress would be best quality.

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