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Curtis Stigers
"Time Was"

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Year of Release: 1995

track listing
  • This Time
  • Keep Me From The Cold
  • Every Time You Cry
  • Anything You Want
  • There's More To
    Makin' Love
    (Than Layin' Down)
  • It Never Comes
  • The Ghost Of You And Me
  • Time Was
  • Cry
  • Somebody In Love
  • The Big One
  • New York Is Rockin'
  • There Will Always
    Be A Place

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    Marilyn Manson--Antichrist Superstar
    Curtis Stigers
    "Time Was"

    From the Goodwill collection... This week we look at Curtis Stigers, and his second album of his career, Time Was, released in 1995. His first album was released in 1991, and achieved a Top 10 hit, "I Wonder Why." He is a singer, songwriter, and saxophonist.

    His singing is quite impressive. And, Time Was was co-executive produced by Clive Davis. So, just knowing Mr. Davis was involved, this must be quite an interesting and a good album. And it is. It is compared to the Adult Contemporary category. "This Time" starts out the album, and is quite a very pleasant tune. Likewise, "Keep Me From The Cold" is another good tune. After hearing the first two tracks, Stiger's voice could easily fit singing Christian music.

    Also to mention, Stiger's voice can be soulful. "Everytime You Cry" has a upbeat and soulful tone. "Anything You Want" is another great Adult Contemporary lite rock track. His voice is just as soulful (and this one is very powerful). It's as soulful as the others heard, and keeps continuing. "There's More To Makin' Love (Than Layin' Down)" is more on the Blues Rock side. And, if he could record a whole Blues album, he could easily pull it off, if all the tunes sound like this particular styled track, and more blues crafted tunes. His voice is once again powerful on this one. (Another song that could be in that Blues set, from this album -- "Somebody In Love.")

    "It Never Comes" returns Stiger's soulful voice. It's another great tune, as this album keeps getting better. "The Ghost Of You And Me" is much softer, yet it works as another great tune for Stiger's great voice. "Time Was" (title track) has more of a Pop style, and it works just as well. "Cry" is another great soulful song, and it's a song that Tina Turner could cover. It has that soulful approach in Tina's music.

    "Somebody In Love" has the soul, and has the blues. Another great tune. "The Big one" has a 1970s soul approach, yet it fits in what was the current year in music, 1995. "New York Is Rockin'" is just that -- a Rockin' tune. It's your basic rock n roll here, compared to the soul, blues, pop of other tracks. Just another added "ingredient" to a great album. Ending the album is "There Will Always Be A Place," a nice, pleasant track - a great way to end a very entertaining album.

    Time Was travels into many genres of music, and Curtis Stiger shows he can put his stamp on any of those genres: Rock, Blues, Pop, Adult Contemporary, and most specifically, Soul. He would journey more into Jazz, as he would not only sing, but play the saxophone. I'm curious to hear more of Stiger's music. (From his debut in 1991 to 2020, he has released 13 studio albums.) His soulful-styled songs can be compared to that of two artists that I can think of, are Van Morrison and Delbert McClinton. I'm sure there maybe others to compare to.

    Time Was is a fantasic album. It's sure to get repeated listens, and enjoyed on each one. There isn't one bad song on this album, and that is quite an accomplishment. And, once again, by acquring music from the Goodwill store, you never know what you will find. A great discovery, by the name of Curtis Stigers. If you haven't heard of this album (or the name Curtis Stigers for that matter), get Time Was. For those who enjoy all styles of music, and GOOD music, you can't go wrong on this one.

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    Marilyn Manson--Antichrist Superstar