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Michael W. Smith
"Healing Rain"

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Year of Release: 2004

track listing
  • Here I Am
  • Healing Rain
  • Live Forever
  • Hang On
  • Fly To The Moon
  • Human Spark
  • We Can't Wait Any Longer
  • I Am Love
  • Bridge Over
    Troubled Water
  • Eagles Fly
  • All I Want

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    Michael W. Smith
    "Healing Rain"

    Michael W. Smith returns for his fourth week on WSVNRadio, with his 2004 release, Healing Rain. His nineteenth album of his career, and eleventh #1 album up to 2004. As of this date, he has had sixteen #1 albums, according to Billboard's Christian Albums chart. Healing Rain would be the start of new albums/music for Michael W. Smith, as he was entering his 20th year in music. An amazing artist, Healing Rain once again, brings Smith to another great Christian album. Healing Rain would be a departure from his two past albums, which were live Worship albums: Worship (2001), and Worship Again (2002).

    Opening the album, "Here I Am" is a very powerful song in sound. The title track has a softer sound, yet it's beautiful. "Live Forever" blends both Pop and Christian together. Somehow, the band Coldplay's sound comes to mind on this one, and they (Coldplay) had just started, in 2000. "Hang On" has it's own style for Christian music, and it's done very well. A very impressive track, with it's Pop and Rock feels. Check out that guitar solo, it's Rockin. "Fly To The Moon" is also another upbeat "rocker"; and as mentioned, a departure of Smith's common Christian sound.

    Continuing the brillance in music - "Human Spark" is almost jazz-like. The piano sounds like it could be from a Bruce Hornsby, or Bob Seger tune, and Al Stewart's "Year Of The Ca.t" It's sound is just great, a mix of good Pop and Christian. "We Can't Wait Any Longer" is another good track, Peter Gabriel comes to mind on this one. Another Rock-sounding track, Smith's voice does well into the harder (Rock) parts of the tune. With the title "I Am Love" you would think it would be a softer-sounding song, and it is. It does kick in though in parts (Rock), yet it returns back to the softer sound. Another good track.

    And slowing things down (in a good way), is Smith's version of Simon & Garfunkel's "Bridge Over Troubled Water." No reverbs, no special effects. It's Smith's voice and piano and band. Good version. "Eagles Fly" has a funk to it, once again, bring another different approach in Smith's Christian music. Ending the album, is "All I Want," a nice sounding powerful Christian tune - a good common way to end another good album.

    Michael W. Smith certainly shines on Healing Rain. A different approach for him, blending more on the Pop and Rock styles into his Christian music themes. Is Healing Rain a Rock album? A Pop Album? Yes to both, as well as Christian. Michael W. Smith has always been popular with his albums, his audience, and fans. Healing Rain is one of those "wow" albums. It has it's own sound and style for the Christian music genre. Standout tracks: "Here I Am," "Hang On," "Human Spark."

    Healing Rain is worth listening to. A fantastic album, from an outstanding Christian artist - Michael W. Smith.

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    Previous Review: #1832
    Soundtrack,--The Passion Of The Christ"
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    Four Preps--Collectors Series