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"Radical History Tour"

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Year of Release: 1994

track listing
  • Behlehemian Rhapsody
  • Isaac Man
  • Jacob's Name Is Israel
  • Judgement Gets Passed
  • (Check Out) The Book
  • Yer Maker
  • I Know A Riddle
  • I've Got Elijah
    Fightin' Baal
  • Not Logs Lincoln
  • Read Ephesians
  • Lazzie Lay
  • Catch That Fever
  • Triune Godhead
  • Ignorant Song
  • EZKiel
  • Virgin
  • The Sounds Of Silas
  • Bad Dude Risin'
  • Life In The Last Days
  • Midnight Hour Pt. 2

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    "Radical History Tour"

    Apologetix has returned! They debuted earlier on WSVNRadio, with their Apol-Acoustic (2005). For those of you who may not know who Apolgetix is, they are what you can call "The Weird Al of Christian Music," That is, they parody well-known songs, with Biblical references. Christian music is by far a superior genre, in the seriousness of religious and Biblical themes. But to understand the humor of it all, these well-known Rock songs having the parody of religious themes does have its entertainment value. Apolgetix's second album on the WSVNRadio website, is their album from 1994 - Radical History Tour. (Of course, the title is the parody of The Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour.) Unfortuntely, none of the parodied songs on this particular album, is from The Beatles. But, they parody well-known Rock songs, regardless.

    Apologetix specializes in Biblical parodies of rock songs from the 50's - 90's. In 1994, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously that parodies can be a "fair use" of an original, requriring no permission or royalties. The band's name comes from "apologetics," which means "the defense of the Christian faith."

    Just as in the Apol-Acoustic review, here are those parodied songs, and their original titles and artists, on Radical History Tour:

    Radical History Tour
    Apologetix Parody TitleOriginal Song Title and Artist
    1)"Bethlehemian Rhapsody""Bohemian Rhapsody"--Queen
    2)"Isaac Man""Ice Cream Man"--Van Halen
    3)"Jacob's Name Is Israel""Takin' Care Of Business"--Bachman-Turner Overdrive
    4)"Judgement Gets Passed""Jumpin' Jack Flash"--Rolling Stones
    5)"(Check Out) The Book""The Look"--Roxette
    6)"Yer Maker""D'yer Maker"--Led Zeppelin
    7)"I Know A Riddle""I Know A Little"--Lynyrd Skynyrd
    8)"I've Got Elijah Fightin' Baal""I've Got A Tiger By The Tail"--Buck Owens
    9)"Not Logs Lincoln""Hot Rod Lincoln--Commander Cody & The Lost Planet Airmen
    10)"Read Ephesians""Sweet Emotion"--Aerosmith
    11)"Lazzie Lay""Maggie Mae"--Rod Stewart
    12)"Catch That Fever!""Cat Scratch Fever"--Ted Nugent
    13)"Triune Godhead""Satisfaction"--Rolling Stones
    14)"Ignorant Song""Immigrant Song"--Led Zeppelin
    15)"EZKiel""Suzi Q"--Creedence Clearwater Revival
    17)"The Sounds Of Silas""The Sounds Of Silence"--Simon & Garfunkel
    18)"Bad Dude Risin'""Bad Moon Risin'"--Creedence Clearwater Revival
    19)"Life In The Last Days""Life In The Fast Lane"--The Eagles
    20)"Midnight Hour Pt. 2""In The Midnight Hour"--Wilson Pickett

    "Bethlehemian Rhapsody" musically, is almost exceptional as Queen's version, and Apologetix lead singer J. Jackson is no way Freddie Mercury (no one else is, really). But the parody itself is quite the contrary. The original of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" is a Classic. Enough said. Van Halen's "Ice Cream Man" may not have been one of VH's most remembered songs, but Apologetix's "Isaac Man" acoustic at first, then rocks it out. The acoustic side of this parody works well, and as it rocks, J. Jackson isn't David Lee Roth, and neither is guitarist Karl Messner an Eddie Van Halen. Bachman-Turner Overdrive's "Takin' Care Of Business" is truly one of Rock's best Classic tunes. Apologetix's does their parody - "Jacob's Name Is Israel", and again, it's their own version and style, and no comparison to BTO's classic. This one is definitely parodied into a comedy zone, as if it was performed by Weird Al.

    The Rolling Stones parody of "Jumpin' Jack Flash" is "Judgement Gets Passed." Musically, it is a rocker. Can J. Jackson compete to Mick Jagger? Umm, the answer is no. But, this is parody of Rock songs, and it works. "(Check Out) The Book" parodies Roxette's "The Look." Ok, being used to this song as female dominated, Apologetix's version is not bad. They didn't hit the vocal high notes as Roxette's Marie Freriksson did, but all in all, Apologetix's version is pretty darn good, parody and all. Led Zeppelin's "D'yer Maker" becomes "Yer Maker," and although they (Apologetix) is NOT Led Zeppelin, their version is their own, and as J. Jackson tries to become Robert Plant, it's hit or miss. (He sure tries.... good!)

    Lynyrd Skynyrd's "I Know A Little" is one of that band's best, and Apologetix gives it a good spin on "I Know A Riddle." J. Jackson's interpretation of Ronnie Van Zant (and his band) works pretty good here, although they (Apologetix) spelled Ronnie's band wrong on the back cover - Lynyrd Skynard Apologetix goes Country on Buck Owens' "I've Got A Tiger By The Tail" -- "I've Got Elijah Fightin' Baal." And miraculously, it all works well! And it gets better with the parody of Commander Cody and the Lost Planet Airmen's classic, "Hot Rod Lincoln" -- "Not Logs Lincoln." J. Jackson's voice is softer than the Commander's, but it still works.

    Apolgetix gives Aerosmith's "Sweet Emotion" their own unique style -- "Read Ephesians" It's a-rockin' and J. Jackson's "Steven Tyler" is much rougher than the original. Does it work? Yeah, hit or miss. It's Apologetix, in their own special way. Rockin' it out the Rod Stewart way, and J. Jackson does pretty good with the rough-grit vocal style as Rod did, on the parody of the classic "Maggie Mae" -- "Lazzie Lay." Ted Nugent gets the parody on his great rocker, "Cat Scratch Fever" -- "Catch That Fever!" Ohh, this one SURE is a ROCKER! J. Jackson shines on the vocal too. Another parody of the Rolling Stones -- "Satisfaction" -- "Triune Godhead." This one is far better than the other Stones parody, "Judgement Gets Passed."

    Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" becomes Apologetix's "Ignorant Song" -- It's Apologetix in their own style on this one, and I just have to think, which parody was better... Apologetix's or Dread Zeppelin's? I'll leave this one alone...

    The "Suzi Q" by Creedence Clearwater Revival becomes Apologetix's "EZKiel" -- it's movin' and groovin' ... Foreigner's "Urgent" becomes Apologetix's "Virgin." This one is pretty good, as Apologetix does it their way. Foreigner's "Urgent" is the better of the two, but remember those Biblical lyrics... the Apologetix way. The Biblical lyrics and the music of Simon & Garfunkel's "The Sounds Of Silence" is very-well done, as this song is parodied as "The Sounds Of Silas." Creedence Clearwater Revival gets the parody again, on "Bad Dude Risin'" ("Bad Moon Risin'") It's a little gentler than the original, but just as the parody version of "Suzi Q," "Bad Dude Risin'" works well. The guitar solo on this one, definitely does NOT compete with John Fogerty's.

    "Life In The Fast Lane" by the Eagles -- another great Classic Rock tune, gets the parody on "Life In The Last Days." It definitely has it's rock "lanes," as J. Jackson and Apologetix gives it a pretty good vocal approach. Wilson Pickett's "In The Midnight Hour" gets a good parody from Apologetix, as "Midnight Hour Pt. 2"

    Apologetix's "Radical History Tour" has great Biblical lyrics to some of Rock's greatest songs -- Think of Apologetix as a great garage band on this album, rocking it out with these common Rock tunes, with special and gifted lyrics, in the Biblical sense. This is what the band is famous for, giving their lyrics as Biblical references, to Rock's greatest songs. It all works well, humourously, and entertaining for those who can truly appreciate it's novelty and parody satires.

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